Wisconsin Build Finally Coming Together

Hello All!
I was planning on waiting till my build was complete to post pictures, but after a year of slow progress I’m just going to make a post to get opinions/recommendations.

I hope to have the rest of the motor parts completed this week as well as:

  • Seal the battery cavity in the board
  • Weld Motor-to-Mast mount onto the mast
  • and a grocery list of other stuff most likely

Might not happen as soon as I would like since I’m currently in the process of rebuilding my uncles Jet-Ski engine. But no harm in being optimistic!


Very nice , I would have put the plate between the mast and the box this other way :wink:

I think you did that because of the holes in the board , in that case , for the strength : use the one at the back as well

Haha I have been questioning that as well!

Did it this way to use the bolt holes included in the board, but might glass a structural piece in after I get it running. Cuz I’m not looking to snap the board in half on the first run!