Show us your home made front wing

Your front wing is too small (kitefoil wing) or too slow (thick and large Surfoil wing) ? Not much money left after buying a nice battery ? Why not making your own Front wing in : plywood, G10, … ?

Came across this picture:

Owner’s comment (“Jyoder”):

My DIY foil. I love it!
1100 cm2, 22.8 cm chord (9 " in center), 2.54cm (1") thick

Choose a nice airfoil section with thickness ratio (= wing thickness / max chord) at 7 or 8%. using menus. Surfoil front wings like Gong, Cloud iX, GoFoils range from 12 to 18% and saturate in speed at 25kmph (15 knots) meaning amps drawn increase a lot passed that speed.
Example with above dimensions: 2.54 / 22.8 = 11%. Profile could be slimed to 2 / 22.8 = 8.8% for better top speed.
Angle of incidence: usually zero degrees for a front wing (-3° to -5° for a stab).

How to apply a given airfoil section along the whole wingspan:
For the picts, in French but self explanatory:

Google trad: