S9tim's 80100 direct drive


I kept the original bearings for the first 20 runs or so then switched to sealed bearings (which are not sealed). I just change them out every 20 runs or so. None have failed yet, just get louder with time.

I have not added a thrust bearing.


Nice setup! What lipos are you using? I’m trying to source some but am not having success with hobby king.


I am using a brand from china found on ebay. They are 6s 10000mah taotuo batteries. They have held up very well so far.


Ok I want to buy a 80100 motor to join everybody else! Haha. The problems I’ve had with the gearbox setup has been ridiculous. @s9tim is this the motor you have?

I saw a few with the same 80100 model number.


Yes that is the same motor. The other one you see probably is a sensored motor which we do not need for our use.

Even though it is back ordered it usually ships in a week or two once you place the order.


Hi there are the coils coated with epoxy?


No coating on the coils. I only epoxied between the magnets.