S9tim's 80100 direct drive


Board looks good!! Got any build pics?


Yes I t

ook a few


Those handles must be quite useful :slight_smile:
you have epoxied the top plate to the board and have only the round hatch opening ?


That is correct. I can remove all batteries and electronics through the one hatch.


@s9tim What motor are you using for this? :thinking:


Oh nevermind, I see it’s a modified Alien 80100


Yes its a standard 80100 80kv motor


It that just a big piece of aluminium as the heatsink? How long can you ride for with it before it gets hot?


My first board the esc was not mounted to aluminum and just used the small fan on the esc in the battery compartment. My battery allowed for a 26 minute ride and maximum esc temp was logged at 175 f. This esc has a 220 f limit per company.

This board I opted to mount it to a 1/4 thick aluminum plate with the same fan. My maximum temp was logged as 133 f after a 39 minute ride in 80 degree ambient air temp.
So I have no need for water cooling etc. Iam suprised I have only seen 2 others using this esc with built in logging, cooling fan, current limits, etc.


Hi @s9tim, so what is this ESC name? Looks quite reliable. Thanks for info sharing! Does it have current limiting? according to what? temperature of ESC?


It is the castle creations hvf160. This esc does not have as many parameters as most vesc setups but it will self shutdown if you exceed its amp rating and also will shutdown if its internal temp is exceeded (250f). From my experience these are factory preset and not user adjustable. This esc sells for about $250 usd

It will log rpm, amp draw, temp, watts, amps used, and battery voltage. Pacificmeister has been also using this esc with success for quite some time.


After 30 plus hours of use in saltwater this is what my motor looks like inside. Took it apart today to lube the bearings.


Looks like new! Do you flush it with freshwater after use?


Fresh water and every 3 to 5 uses I soak it in corrosionx.


Do you take the prop off for corrosion x or just leave it on?


I take the prop and prop adapter off after each run then flush with fresh water. I leave both off when I use the corrosion x. It wouldnt hurt anything to leave it on though.


Nice build @s9tim. The board looks great!


Hey Guys. I’m just switching from a geared build to direct drive 80100. With a 12S12P 18650 pack I was able to achieve comfortably over 1 hour ride time. I don’t anticipate the same efficiency with the bigger 80100. For you guys who are successfully running this setup what capacity packs and respective ride times are you getting? Cheers


Running 12s lipo I get 26 minutes out of 20,000mah and 39 minutes if I run 30,000mah. This ride time leaves 20 percent capacity left in the batteries as recommended with lipos.

I have 6x 10,000mah batteries so I pair 2 in series to get 12s then run up to 3 sets in parallel.


Awesome work @s9tim! That board came out killer! Thanks for sharing your progress.

I am currently running the APS 6384 powerglider 100kv motor in an oil filled housing. Decent power and plenty to get me up on a SUP foil and probably up to around 15-18mph. I got around 3 15 minute runs in but on the last run it failed. I think what happened is the oil heated up in the housing, causing pressure build up and the housing popped. Oil came spilled out and the motor got super hot (boiling and spitting oil). Housing was spilt open from the pressure and heat.

Really interested in trying this motor just open to the water now! I order some corrosion X and am going to give it a whirl this weekend. @s9tim did you change out the bearings to SS ones or add a thrust bearing?