New California efoil company

Avante in California is selling complete efoils and some accessories.

Very nice Prop.
Great Price!!

Isn’t this the etakuma foil?

Yes it is :rofl:

I wonder if they are making the boards or buying from the same company…

Hi All, my name is Rick, I’m the owner of Avante Innovations. We worked hand in hand with Takuma for the past few years developing the E-FOIL and are just now coming to market in North America under the Avante brand. Happy to answer any questions anyone may have and look forward to getting people on our boards.


Welcome Rick. Does the receiver get sold with the remote or is it seperate or built into the system?

Hi @Jezza, thank you.

The receiver comes in the ESC unit.

@Avante great job Rick! I love the fact that mast and motor attachment is modular! Can you share some specs about propulsion system and power train battery and charger?

Welcome Rick !

I was wondering why did you choose this propeller type ? Interted in some motor specs too :slight_smile:

I figured as much.

Next question… Do you have any idea how that semi-pro surfer managed to get his finger into the prop unit of the takuma foil?

Hi, Rick any chance for a special price for your prop for this forum?

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Yes, could be the nice companion of a Flipsky 100 or 120kv + a 3D printed fairing part reducing the 65mm motor in between.

That prop looks like it’s just waiting to eat fingers and toes!


@Flightjunkie With a duct, with a moving object from rear to front, the rotating blades expel all incoming objects.
With a moving object from front to rear, there is a possibility.

It’s like if the French surfer had put his fingers in the duct accidentally with prop not rotating and then pressed the trigger … :thinking:

I think @Jezza scared off Rick with that last question about the finger incident. Poor Rick… that incident was bad timing for someone starting new company.

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