New Build from Slovenia

How you will bolt the gearbox to propeller mount ?

You mean this?

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First part of assembly was a success.
Now i need to put it in the housing but dont have anymore time today.
Will continue tomorrow.

Good job seems like there’s no vibration

Yeah. I made everithing that turns H7 tolerance. So it should spin perfectly.

The foil from gong shop has arrived today. That was really fast shipping. From France to Slovenia in just 3 days. The quality is very nice on first look. Was pleasantly surprised.
@Manu thx for the 3d model for the clamping. This will come in handy.
And thanks to every one else that helped me make this decision.

Now i can start with the board shaping.


Board shaping complete. Took me 2 hours with chainsaw and scratch paper. Tried with grinder but it melted the XPS…
Not totally pleased, but for my first board shaping it should be ok. :slight_smile:

Tomorrow i will probably get the 3D printed clampings so that the motor assembly should be complete.


E-motor almost finished.
I only need to reprint the 3d printed parts since they are made out of PLA because it was made for testing. I will use ASA. Its more temperature resistant. And gives me more accurate printing.
Also i will use a bigger propeller. So i will need to change the 3D models a bit.

It fits perfect on the mast.
Need to buy 2 screws to screw it on the mast.


Any1 can give me any tips on where to position the foil on the board?
I was thinking of making an aluminium part where i could move the foil for like 15cm from front to back.
Any info is appreciated.

30 cm from the back From the board to the back of the foil seems to be what many do…

thx for the tip. 30cm it is :slight_smile:
Now i just need to repair my CNC machine…

Finnaly got the cnc machine repaired so i could make the hole for the cover. First time i machined xps. It machined like butter
And It was super messy…
The next board i could definetly machine whole on the cnc machine but i would need a very strong vacuum so that i dont have to clean the whole machine afterwards as this stuff is like snow. You just cant get rid of it :slight_smile:


For the Foil mounting sistem i have decided to go with this.The 90mm bolt patterns will fit ideally. The only thing that wont fit with the Gong foil are the M8 nuts. The Gong foil has M6 which can be fixed pretty quick. -->

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Scratch that previous post. I found the original foil mounting plate on the Gong Foil website and its only 50€.
Luckily i did 1 last search before ordering the other 1 :slight_smile:


Fits like a glove.
The xps has excelent machining capabilities. My next board will definetly be machined whole on the cnc machine. Does any 1 know of any better material for the board besides EPS and XPS?

Finished with the aluminium lid. It still feels a bit heavy. Will have to remove some more material on the sides.

Also since everibody recommended me to use a water pump for cooling the ESC i have ordered 1.

Board is complete. Took me 1 week to cover it with epoxy and fiber glass. And polish it so i wont cut miself in water. Very messy work. This is probably the 1 and last board i made miself :). Will hire a professional next time.

Also ordered the plexy glass so i can see my electronics while i ride. Will need to rethink the patent as i have too many screws for this. Already have an idea how i could make it but dont have the time right now.

Now just waiting for my coworker to finish the 3D printed parts and i can finnaly start testing this e-foil.

Nice man! What is the weight of your aluminium bunker?

The alu box is 4.8kg the acrilic glass is 1.2kg and so together its around 6kg.
The cheaper and lighter solution would be plastic but i wanted aluminium because of heat dicipation. Also i made it a bit oversized because i dont know how much space i will need with all the electronics batteries and water pump. If i wont have problems with heat my next build will have a plastic box.

It’s actually not at all easy to laminate your board I’m ok with you but what a pleasure to do it yourself…nice work.