New Build from Slovenia

Yeah its not easy at all to do it so that its pleasing to the eye. Thats why it costed only 150€ to make instead of giving 1000€+ :slight_smile: I also learned alot which will help me in the future.


My build is finnaly finished. Now i just need to test this in open water.
I really had a good time making this apart from the board i am pretty pleased. I wanted to make the top part white and bottom blue.
But white color looks really messy. Blue looks fine.
If all goes well i will give the board a good paint job :slight_smile:


Guys 1 question. How do you disasemble the motor?
I have to drag the cables at least 10cm backwards in order to get the alu tube out. Which is a real pain to do. As i have used silicone all over the holes.
I want to check if i have any water leakage.

Tested in improvised pool and it works good. Now time to test it in open water.

First reall test today and the propeller exploded after 2m of riding… First i tought its the gears but luckily it was just the 3D printed propeller.

Already started with mounting the new propeller. Problem is that the duct is too small for this propeller. And also will have to modify the propeller so that i can tighten it on the shaft…
Lots of work ahead…

Wolves…your propeller wasn’t printed in 100% infill, it may be one of the causes… in what material did you print?

My coworker printed it in ASA material he said he did 100% infill but looks like it isnt…
1 thing that i think could be wrong is that I didnt tighten the screw enough on the propeller so that the force was on the propeller and not on the screw… If you know what i mean.
But the propeller wasnt moving when i tried it by hand. So probably that wasnt it.