Freefly ARC200 Testing and ESC Shootoff


The guys over at Freefly were kind enough to send me a Freefly ARC200 to test on my foil (Fedex shipping was SUPER quick). I thought I would dedicate this thread to it and also throw in some comparisons with some other ESC’s I have knocking about (some havent been tested yet either).
Here are some pics of the unboxing of the ARC200:

Great simple packaging.

ESC is well protected, USB cable and a Power adaptor cable underneath.

All the goodies…

ESC Size Comparison: Swordfish Pro X 300A, Freefly ARC200 and HK YEP 120A with custom heatsink.

As you will be able to see, the ARC200 will need to attach to a larger heatsink in order to dissipate the heat for our power requirements. I will probably opt for something with some watercooling.

Next up is putting the software on the ESC and just spinning up the motors…stay tuned…


First test with the ARC200 has been successful!

Motor: 6384 PG direct drive
Prop: Custom Design (I have no clue what the actual specs are but it works well)
ESC: Freefly ARC200

Here’s a little video:

The setup of the ESC I found pretty simple when I followed the Freefly video on youtube. I’m not too sure why the E-skate community has been struggling.

I found the ARC200 starts up the motor a lot better than my old Yep 120 HV and has much better control. You can also set up custom temperature and voltage protection which is fantastic and perfect for our needs.

Unfortunately I am about to go on leave and the airlines will not let me drag my batteries with me, so there will be a gap before I can get it on the board.

If anyone has questions, please feel free to fire them away!


I just ordered an Arc200 too. I expect a lot from it. Unfortunately shipping to Germany takes its time :smile:

Edit: Actually, shipping was amazing quick :grin:


@Jezza I can’t open your Video, but i’m glad you guys are testing this ESC. It sounds really promising and I’m thinking of buying it for my project, too.
How are you cooling the ESC ? Water-cooled Heatsink ?

And has anyone of you two been able to have a deeper look into the configuration ? I read that it supports UART and CAN (via its own Protocol??), but i’m unsure what kind of values the ESC measures and is able to “send” to an Arduino for example. Not sure if you guys are using this at all, but this feature would be one thing I’m looking for in an ESC, that’s why I’m asking :))

Looking forward to your “test-results”


I didn’t test it yet, but it should be no problem to send and receive QX messages via UART with an arduino. You can research here what commands you can send and what telemetry packets you can receive. Those include e.g. phase currents, throttle input and temps. So all you really need (and much more that I didn’t yet look into detailed). There should also be a C library available for parsing and generating the messages to send and receive.


@Jasey the video keeps expiring because my Instagram is private. If you would like to see it, give me a follow @surferjelliott.
There are two options for heatsink. If you go just for no watercooling, you will need to have the heatsink exposed to air or attached to the mast. I am going to be designing my own watercooled heatsink.
If you want to know about the protocols, maybe ask @CNCaddict for some advice there.


Does anyone have any updates on the ARC200? How’s the temperature when drawing high amps, etc.
I’ll most likely order one soon and spread my experience here, just thought I’d ask again in case anyone has some new information.


Also thinking of ordering one once I have finished glassing my compartment and foil mounting system.

Interested to know peoples experiences of using this with a 12s lipo set up


Sorry about lack of action in this thread, I have been sick and am also awaiting my new board. The old one is now in a different country.

I can’t comment on the temperature when drawing high amps, but I do know that you will need an extra heatsink. This heatsink can either be air coiled or water cooled. The ESC itself also has a temperature cut-off which you can set!
I can say that the ESC makes the motor start better and run a lot quieter than other ESC’s I have!


Was planning on putting into something like this

Don’t think I can really use water cooling in my design