Freefly ARC200 Testing and ESC Shootoff

Which watercooling bed did you choose?

Home made :slight_smile: I did build it for for the VESC but work with the ARC also since is has almost the same dimensions. Pic here

Quite a monster. What temps are you getting to with and without the watercooling running?

Don’t know. The logfilez coming out of the ARC is total rubbish. Like this.

Do you get the same wierd readings?

(the weird readings in the excel menu is Swedish :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

That’s really weird. Maybe ask the Freefly guys why this is happening…

That’s my heatsink. Just need to put in the bolt holes and get some thermal paste to fill any gaps…


Answer from Freefly:

`After speaking with our Arc200 engineering team, it sounds like this is something that will need to be addressed via a future firmware update. It has been added to the next firmware release changes to be addressed. I’m not exactly sure how the fix will be implemented but probably in the form of a log reset function in the GUI.

I don’t have an exact timeline but it sounds like the next update would be likely to be released in the next several weeks.`