【EXPIRED】Maytech 42%OFF Waterproof remote promotion 8th May 2019

2 much is 2 much and there should be some margins but… If he can get bribed (or whats the word) and get lack of support from a company that came here to sell working product at not so competitive price, he has a right to express his opinion and experience. Yes, majority got a product from “good package” but when u are not in that group of people, things dramaticly change. Yes, there is a risk. But, 2 possibly avoid risk, this kind of things need to happen.
I have to add, these are reviews only from few forum members, big numbers are missing, which makes this situation even more valuable. I believe every diy guy wants to know this kind of situation. I personally dont mind 2 much getting defective stuff, happened few times, but what is very repulsive is 0 support for something that isnt your fault.
Nevertheless, there should be an end on both sides.


Lets make this thread helpful. SoEFoil has requested “hands on” information in a format that allows easy analysis. We have limited responses, both pro and con, but not as detailed as we would like. Some of us need to buy or build a remote. If you bought this remote, then please respond to SoEFoil’s survey.
Rogjalon: own, don’t like company, Do you use the product?
Tylerclark owns 2, uses them and likes them.
Michion: own?, doesn’t like company, Do you use the product?
RCjetman: owns, uses product, positive.
Fabien: owns, Do you use it?
Any others?
If you recommend a different remote, which one? If you recommend build one, which one? We can buy this one next week for this “discounted” price and so need to make a decision soon. Please don’t add more noise to the thread, we need signal.


I’ve got one, Id say I’ve got around 10 hours use and its still holding up fine, about 5-6 charges. Still works as new.

I’ve tried making my own waterproof remotes which didn’t work that well. Either bad range, throttle very un-linear or bad throttle throw etc. I put a lot of hours into these DIY remotes. Because of this I do appreciate the Maytech remote a lot!

There is room for improvement, but it gets the job done without any issues, and at the moment, there is no other alternative.

I think at this price, reliability is very important. So far, with use from late January, it still works as new with no signs of breaking soon. It is reliable so far.

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I have had a positive experience with the remote. I have 40 hours use on mine with no issues other than the battery indicator not being accurate. This includes 3 beginners learning with remote dunked many times. All saltwater use.


Thank you @Footloose for trying to get us back on track. I think polling those that have purchased the remote is a good idea. Thank you @SoEFoil for putting that post up.

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Is getting back on track saying only positive things ? Maytech is great ! can I have my $10USD now ? :wink:


Everyone is entitled to put their opinion on this product here or anywhere else on the forums. It would be interesting to see the mix of good vs bad reviews.

Do you use the remote? I noticed you didn’t contribute to this thread in any meaningful way.


Can I request to make handle to be less like a door wedge stopper but more ergonomically friendly, more form fitting like the lift transmitter?

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The problem is that I am a level 3 user but can’t create a poll and copy paste what I wrote above 7 days ago (no surprise).
Just to make things clear. I am neither a Maytech customer nor ambassador. As MT is the only brand selling remotes to date, I have written this text to shed some light on a tricky situation. I would not have written this if there had been 2 brands selling a waterproof remote on the market. I just want to see new quality waterproof remote brands appear under a 140+usd price tag (I have in mind the coming @VeFoil VeConcept remote or eTakuma opening his remote spare sales to DiYers at ~120€ + Esc receiver module)
May the best product win

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My receiver was working fine on my 5V power supply until yesterday. It will not power up anymore. I put my Alien Power System receiver on the same power supply and it works fine.

Does anyone know how to buy a maytech receiver by itself only?

Hi Man, I sent email to you yesterday about receiver. Didn’t you receive it?

I bought a replacement from Eileen. The process was easy and fast.

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Just put in an order for one of these, lets see how it goes!

Just ordered the Maytech waterproof remote control, let s see how it work !

Really waterproof, just truing it under water.

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Yours arrived fast! Mine hasn’t even shipped yet…

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Yes, delivery super fast 3 days fedex, and very good technical support with Eileen !

I got both of my remotes from China to Florida in 2 business days. If they don’t ship same day or next day I would reach out to @Eileen. Fastest I’ve ever gotten anything from China! (with DHL)

Sorry that our engineer is giving technical support to some robot teams in KOB2 in these two weeks.
All remotes need to be tested by engineer again before shipping. Please be assured. Each order will be sent out asap in 1-3 business days.

I see mine has been shipped and is arriving tomorrow thanks.

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