【EXPIRED】Maytech 42%OFF Waterproof remote promotion 8th May 2019

hello I have the price special action unfortunately too late. I was not active in this forum yet. i ordered a remote controll from michobby a few days ago. my question: is that if I ordered it at michobby also the current version with current features? thanks for an info.

I was wondering if the brightness of the screen is good for anyone else.

Even on a cloudy day of riding, I am having trouble seeing the writing on the screen of the Maytech.

It’s a intermittent fault a few of us have had with the remote. Sometimes the screen disappears completely.

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Yes, it’s also new version.

Hello Eileen, thanks for the information. I have already received the package and already tried with my esc. everything Works perfect!

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@Eileen Any discount on Vesc for the community?

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