【EXPIRED】Maytech 42%OFF Waterproof remote promotion 8th May 2019

Ha exactly, sad sad sad.


I must admit I am confused by such statistics. As I remember you have already done it and since I can’t create one , to really know what owners think after a couple of uses on the water, would you create a poll asking more or less what follows … ?

During the 12 days that are left before the promotion, we won’t know the exact number of item sold but It will be interesting to have an approximation of how many items have already been sold.
Yes there could be cheaters but they will be recorded.
If your remote has been changed at least once say how many times and after how many sessions in the “Reply” area.

1 - I own a Maytech waterproof remote but never used it on water because:
A - I never put it under tension
B - I used it on land only (esk8, mountainboard, …)

2 - I have used my Maytech waterproof remote on the water 5 times or less and:
A- I am fully satisfied
B- I am not so satisfied
C- I am not satisfied at all
Please press the “Reply” button and say why…

3 - I have used my Maytech waterproof remote on the water 6 to 10 times and:
1- I am fully satisfied
2- I am not so satisfied
3- I am not satisfied at all
Please press the “Reply” button and say why…

4 - I have used my Maytech waterproof remote on the water 11 to 20 times and:
1- I am fully satisfied
2- I am not so satisfied
3- I am not satisfied at all
Please press the “Reply” button and say why…

5 - I have used my Maytech waterproof remote on the water more than 20 times and:
1- I am fully satisfied
2- I am not so satisfied
3- I am not satisfied at all
Please press the “Reply” button and say why…


I got offered $10 from them to post a positive video review


I suspect the reason they are so active in pushing their product on the forum is because their profits are huge! Even at $144 US. Maybe some other chinese company should start knocking of these remotes and sell them for what they are worth.


Sorry for being pedantic. Yes, they are in business to make money by maximizing profits. Their product is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Offering our group discounted pricing could be a cost effective marketing scheme and we should encourage these offers. Now I have no idea if this product is any good and would appreciate any hands on review.

If you read the thread, (and others) you might get an idea of how good they are. Crap product, crap warranty.
Another way to maximise profits is to run lower margins on higher volumes, but I don’t think that fits their business model.
They are offering forum users cash bribes for positive reviews. Are these really the type of people you want to support. FFS.


I was not offered any money for any reviews and I own two remotes. And I used one of them to efoil this past weekend. Where do you gather that info?


Seriously! Read the thread before typing.

You’re throwing a lot of conjecture and assumptions with little basis. I’m well informed as to what’s going on and how they’ve interacted with OUR users. I’ve read this thread and countless others. Relax.

To put end to any doubts. Here’s a screenshot of the communication.

Here is some more communication I’ve seen too. Please stop with the drama on our forums. This is getting out of control.


And deservingly so.
I stand by my words. Their service is a disgrace.
I opted to share an honest review with everyone here rather than collect her offer of money. I’m not the only one having problems with this company.
I’m not deliberately creating drama. Just sharing an experience.

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I understand. But you’re being a broken record here. We heard your story, we all read all the posts. We get it. You had a bad experience. So did someone else. Cool. Now let’s move on. Go buy another remote, we have your post bashing this company for historical purposes. Let’s keep the drama to a minimum on this website, thanks.

Tyler maybe you need to concentrate on reading what is important to you instead of trying to be everybody’s dad.
After reading your post accusing people of conjecture and assumptions, I felt a need to show the truth behind my statements.

Maybe you should run your own website and stop telling me how to run mine. :kissing:

Pot, Kettle, Black!

We get it, you,re in bed with them. Maybe you should disclose your relationship with Maytech before you carry on defending there poor behavior.

I will stop replying to this thread now that I feel you have an ulterior motive.


Don’t try and claim credit for this website. You’re just a hanger on.

Its a shame some people here have had issues with their product and not got the support and response they wanted common problem with online parts from OS


I must say its also a shame such a product is getting bashed like this considering IMO how well it works ( for me ) and how much of a pain it would be to build something like this from scratch / DIY.

i for one am very grateful such a product exists.

Maytech : i think you need to come to the party for some of these forum members and settle these issues with them. Also make product improvements because for the most part its a good product with little to NO competition that i know of. ( could be wrong )

anyway just my 2C


@michion You couldn’t be farther from the truth. I own two remotes which I paid for just like anyone else. I haven’t had a ton of time on the water so they’ve held up just fine. One is newer and has the cruise control and the other is one of the original ones being sold.

I’ve asked Maytech to cover Roger’s remote as they’re getting bad press and even though they have silly rules like taking a video for support and things, it’s worth it to just eat it for one remote if they want to keep up a good reputation. Last I heard, the plan was to fix his remote and this could all be water under the bridge.

Yes, we know they give back money or discount if you say something nice about the remote. (Which btw, they never asked me). That isn’t a shady tactic as tons of Chinese companies on ebay and Alibaba do that as it’s a review-based e-commerce website.

Now as far as I can gather, Roger and one other person have had issues with the remote. Like I said, I gave them some advice to suck it up despite their differences and Roger saying he was going to destroy them on social media and just replace the remote. If they decided not to, that’s on them. I don’t have any relationship with any manufacturer which is how I became a co-founder of this website.

What needs to stop though, is the childish behavior that has come to be as a result of this drama. It’s a remote. They’ve clearly sold it to the majority of us and the majority of us are enjoying it. Next year I’m sure there will be another brand and we’ll all be using that.

This website was built to create a community around DIY efoiling. For the last time, let’s get back to that and move on from the drama.


LMAO!!! Merten, Don, and I launched this website together. Go troll somewhere else.