Chinese hydrofoil for efoil?


other than the price, is there a reason to go for an aluminium mast?


oh gosh sorry to hear that.


They are hollow by construction. Built by extrusion process like the aluminium window frames in the building industry. Several examples of bent aluminium Chinese masts though
Then 2 possibilities
1 - hollow aluminium means easy wire path but you have to drill a few holes in your mast
2- If you don’t want to drill your mast, you can pass the cables along and outside the mast leading edge @Gobbla has just demonstrated . Not very aesthetic but you can use double face scotch tape betwen mast and “skirt” to hold everything in place without impact on speed.


I’ve been in contact with a supplier on Alibaba. They’ve assured me the carbon mask is hollow and can easily fit wires though the middle.

Decided to go with a front wing of 61.8x22.3cm



Why don’t you use a crazyfoil? It’s cheap and work so so well…even most since they produce conposit wings…
you buy it and say you come from me they will give you 10% discount…


Hi pacificmeister, i bought this mast on aliexpress and width mast is 12.4 cm !
Mastclamp front and back.stl are no this size
Do you have another stl file or fusion files with these dimensions ?


In his build thread is a tutorial on how to modify the fusion file to fit any mast, you’ll need to edit it yourself.


Have a look at this thread. It may contain the files you are looking for…


thank you sunrise305 , but file isn’t download on wetransfer, and width is 109mm and my mast is 124 mm


Hi Benjo
I see this tutorial and I m not a specialist to fusion 360
I don’t know how insert mastclamp assembly parts (I have 2 files master clamp front and back) and mast picture to modify it on fusion 360 board !
Can you help me ?


You need to download this file and open it in Fusion 360, there you can insert your mast picture and modify the sketch accordingly. Both is shown in the video.


I download this file on fusion and I have different parts of project
How obtaining 2 parts assembled (master clamp front and back) on same plan ?


If you use the file I linked to you should have the whole unit assembled, including all mast parts, motor, prop etc.


@giloris, use the fusion file linked below when you follow the video instruction. Good luck!

Custom Masts - This video shows how to quickly adjust the mast clamp to your own foil mast in Fusion 360. The fusion assembly comes with LF 2017 and Axis mast designs but you can adapt it to any mast. Here is the CAD file I use in the video, same components are referenced by the full CAD assembly listed above.


Thank you for your vidéo it s help me very more
But i havé à question how do you built geometric figure with différents point Line (function do you use in fusion ?)
How do you ajust the two parts when thé new mast is inside at thé end ?


Can you say me how building this figure (what function using on fusion 360 ?)


What do you want to achieve?
Do you want to make a 3D Profile form your 2D Shape? -> Use the Extrude command. Create->Extrusion (Keyboard shortcut ‘E’). Then drag the arrow to the right length or specify the length.
Here @charlieuk posted a tutorial on creating wings in Fusion 360:


Hi thank you for your help.

I follow pacificmeister tuto to modify mast width from canvas function. He build a geometric figure (picture) but I don’t know fusion command use to built i. I understand other steps, extrusion …


I don’t understand the problem. You don’t need to build anything yourself, it is all there you just need to modify it slightly as shown in the video:
Rewind the timeline, edit the mast profile sketch according to your mast picture, fast-forward the timeline again and it will build everything up according to the new modified sketch of your own mast.


hi sorry
I don’t have upload CAD file on A360
I understand my error.