Chinese hydrofoil for efoil?


@Macmak bought 3 for us here in LA and he got them for $450 each including shipping. Want to mount it on my SUP but am now tempted to try with efoil too.


Would a SUp foil not drastically reduce the power required?


Yes it will. And there is a added bonus if you use Rice speed nozzle duct. Making the system Even more efficient (in low speed) --> longer battery. Hard to control in high speed tho, due to much lift.


Please post up a ride review (on the SUP). I just started building a test/learner foil but might want to purchase one, depending on my success. Thx!

If I have any luck at all here, I’ll post a build thread for the deep DIY’ers. Not for the faint of heart though lol. If you’re not a board builder, stay with solving the motor and propulsion issues first. :wink:


What do you guys think about this foil? It comes with three interchangeable front wings.

Or this one?


Happy New Year guys!
I’m from Berlin, Germany and setting up my mind at the moment which concept to follow.
First of all thanks for this much information shared on this platform in such a short time!

As I’m windsurfing as well, I’d like to have a build for dual use. I’m surfing a lot on lakes with not too much wind, so I want a setup with lots of lift. So I went to Alibaba an got the quotation shown below.
The item 1 is “Takuma Style” , item 2 is “Gofoil Style” and item 3 is “Slingshot Style” as far as the lady told me.

I’ll probably go with the item 1.Any readers from germany interested in a group - order?
Shipping is quite expensive (143$), so it definitely makes sense to share it.
I’m planning to order this week, delivery time is 7 days from then.


we use the “takuma” style one :wink:


yeah that takuma style one looks great. should be super slow foil and super stable.


Thanks for the feedback!
So the question is, would you buy it again? Or rather go for a little less surface?


They really raised the prices. I have a quote of them from June 2017 and paid the following prices:

Shipping cost were the same to Germany. I bought the kite foil (4) btw and it’s working great.


Would go for it again. Altho we have the windsurf and kitefoil from them as well, its Nice to be able to change foils when needs. Depending on the speed/stability you want.


Not the best comparison, but might help in order to choose foil.

This video is on the takuma foil (SUP hydro foil-A)

This video is on the windsurf foil 2050g wing.

The kite foil will also work, but it requires more speed and therefor more difficult to ride.


If there’s a group order to germany with good conditions, I’ll be interested


Me too, ordering different foils wont be a Problem.


As a point of reference:

Ordered from:

They shipped almost a month after I ordered and took a bit of hassling. Be aware it only ships with a 65cm mast.

However, I’m reasonably convinced it’s a copy/OEM of the Slingshot Hover Glide NF2:

That’s not a bad thing, as it’s got some excellent reviews.


Felix, David, you got Mail :smiley:

Looking forward and will post here when we received the foil!



Anyone in 'lil New Zealand wanting one also? I’m getting one in soon (next week or so), would be good to split the shipping.


I would have jumped in but I already got mine :blush:

Looking for Mast Clamp Files Modified for Chinese Foil

hi smarm , i’ve got the same mast. may you have already have the 3d mastmount stl files to the pacificmeister system?


Sure they’re a snug fit but they hold well (ignore the fact the mast is black and slingshot, the chinese one is the same as the slingshot mast/foil.

Here’s the fusion with the latest version, let me know if you need me to export the STL of the mount.