Chinese hydrofoil for efoil?


thanks alot, the stl-files would be great, because i’ve not the same 3d draw software.






thanks for sharing the files


can you recommend a wire, which you’ve used throgh the mast?


Purchased locally here in Australia:

High quality 8AWG wire will fit down each channel.


If you’re operating in salt water, then tinned marine grade is best.



It looks really shiny
will need a good sand back to get the best out of it


Hey Cuz. I am in Aucks and just found your post, probably too late to share order but I am happy to talk efoil or carbon fibre or how we could share resources anytime 021437669


Anyone ever purchased this hydrofoil? It says it has hollow aluminum mast, available in 60, 70, 80 cm length. What Length would be best? I’m thinking 80cm would be best so the motor does not suck in air when on foil. Any opinions?


@MaB I have that exact foil. It arrived last week, I haven’t had a chance to test yet. Unfortunately mine arrived with some chips in the front wing. It is a lot heavier than I thought for a cf wing. Other than that it looks pretty good. Mast is suitable for running cables, it is the same as slingshot mast I believe. Let me know if there’s anything specific you want to know?


At that price its probably glasfibre with a final carbon fibre layer. Doesn’t make sense from a statics viewpoint.


@Pidd yes ordered already sorry. yeah I’m keen to share knowledge and resources etc.
Do you have a build underway?


I’m assuming that this is based on the Takuma wing. Do you know which model it most closely resembles in performance?


Thanks for the reply. I have a couple of interesting foils anyway ( dont think I need another at this stage!) , the old cabrina and the new Manta foil in C-50, I will be interested to see your import.

My build is very organic with this forum changing my ideas every week! However it is time for action before the water cools off. What part of the country are you in?


Yes you will be forever changing the design keeping up with the forum. Dive in and give something a go I reckon.
I’m in Kohi, Auckland. Do you kite foil?


Yes I believe it is based on the Takuma wing. Not sure which model it is closest too and hard to tell from the photos. Looks very close to either the V400 or V100. See photos of mine here Another build from Kiwi land.

Wing details from supplier, yet to confirm:
foil wing material : carbon fiber (I’m skeptical because of the weight)
the front wing size : L63cmW27cm
the rear wing size : L38.5cm


Too true Bro! You must be about 4 min foiling from me in Devo
I had never ridden a board in my life before getting hooked by this!
Hats off to you kite foilers, the mad bugger innovators that we all owe a debt of gratitude to for initiating the personal foiling ride


Your wing can very well be carbon fiber even if it’s heavy…

Carbon fiber is lighter only if you really want to optimize your design.
If it’s not hollow (or with a foam core), because it’s quite thick, it will be heavy… (thick is not a bad thing if you want a slower wing)
Depending on the fiber to resin ratio, the weight mainly come from the epoxy, the strength comes from the fiber.

Handmade / low volume / Quality foil are made by lamination, either hollow or around a core. With the fibers properly oriented, you get the needed strength with very little carbon.

A lot of those mass produced foil are “forged”. Instead of using fabric, it’s made by injecting a mix of short fibers and resin in a mold. I guess it’s way cheaper.

The good new: if your wing is solid forged carbon fibers it’s bomb proof!
but only way to be sure is to cut it in half…

If someone manages to break one, post pictures!


Thanks for the response. So what length mast would be best? I have never foiled, or surfed. I do water ski. I plan to pull the foil around behind my boat so I can learn. Then equip it with a motor. I’m 195 pounds.


I’m not entirely sure of mast length, having not foiled also. I know its easier to learn to ride with it shorter, but too short and you risk running the motor out of the water. See this post from Hiorth who has a proven setup and suggests even 65-70cm. Sss 4092 electric hydrofoil for disbaled guy