Building 18650 battery pack


With some help, I am finally getting around to the last and final step on my efoil journey, building a proper battery pack!

It’s essentially the @pacificmeister build (obviously the older one since it’s using the Parker gearbox). Probably wanting to replicate what @Hiorth did with their battery pack as much as possible.


  • What is the optimal amp output I want?
  • Best way to waterproof this?
  • Any other advice or something I’m not thinking of?

MAC's 2nd build

Are you planning on connecting your cells with nickel strips? Will you use a BMS? I’m also building a pack and I’m looking for the optimal set up!


Definitely using a BMS. Not sure about the strips, that’s a question for the tech guy helping me but I’d say yes just based off what I know about large packs.


Ok so we’re going to divide the pack into 3 main parts. 12S5P x3. So it’ll have 3 BMS’s. Kinda worried about the ability to kick out 180a continuous and the wires going into the ESC only being 10awg. I guess it’s been talked about on here before but hopefully I don’t have issue.