Wii Nunchuk wireless remote

A few years ago I used the wireless Wii remote with the Wiiceiver from Austin David for my electric skateboard. This remote has a cruise control button for fixing the throttle and fine adjust it. Somehow I lost it…

In my opinion this is just the perfect remote for efoiling compared to the highly sensible “winning remote” e.g. It’s also easy make it waterproof.

Somehow I can’t find a pair on the internet anymore. Does anybody know where I can buy the remote+Wiiceiver?

Like that one ?

Have a look at the electric skateboard forum. They are not build anymore so.you can only get used ones.

How would you waterproof the joystick? I also got one incl wiiceiver for my skateboard, but I never thought about using it for water activities since I have no idea how to waterproof any of the buttons/joysticks…

Using an slightly inflated anal condome. Works great with my “winning remote”.

But is this one compatible to the Wiiceiver?

As long they are Wii compatible, they are compatible with the wiiceiever and wii-input of the VESC.
The Wii uses simple i2c so you can just connect any arduino/ uC and read out the remote status…even the 3 axis acceleration sensor.


Does anyone want to sell a wiiceiver with a working Nunchuk to me? Is there any other option having a cruise control remote without building one for my one?

how about this one? https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Universal-2-4Ghz-remote-controller-with_62291282506.html?spm=a2747.manage.0.0.544d71d29kTurx