Where to buy the right EPS Foam in LA area


I have been looking around to buy foam sheet with 5 to 6 inch thickness 1 to 2 lb density to cut and make the board. Unfortunately shipping them online costs crazy numbers around 200 to 300$.

I don’t want to stick thinner sheets to reach appropriate thickness. If you guys know any store in south California that sells thick EPS foam sheets I would be appreciated if you share with me


LA has several surfboard making supply shops for shapers. Just google “surfbaord shapers supplies”. Here’s one.


if dedicated surfboard blanks are too small (width and thickness can be the issue) look at construction… or at cake making :slight_smile: i got my blocks with a guy that does “dummy cakes”, he sold me the exact dimension i wanted…


where in SoCal are you? Ask the paddleboard Companies, as they have 6" blanks. If you need connections, I can help.


@skiagua I live in Long Beach I would be appreciated if you share your connections around here thanks