Very slow build from France


I think that thrust bearing is rated for a lot more thrust than your prop could ever give. Do you have any photos of your assembly with the bearing in. I would also look into lubrication for the bearing.


the only pics i have now is this:

propeller push on the bearing on the mount on the tube on the mast, bearing is outside, lubrication with water, i think i over tight the propeller bolt, that spray apart the mount for the “balls” , one went sideway, the first bearing was lost when the shaft came off, this one is not stainless steel and may be softer, i have another one but not at my place so i am trying to fix this one to ride this we

not the same quality, to much torque on the bolt… i had no vibration during the drive just the noise

or may be just seaweed got trap at start, there is a lot where i ride


The bottom ball race of the thrust bearing wants to be stationary and its in contact with the inside race of the shaft bearing, which is rotating with the shaft. Thats metal on metal which probably isnt good. Im not saying its wrong, but I wouldn’t put the load of a thrust bearing onto another shaft bearing. Maybe put another bigger washer under the thrust bearing to transfer the load to the aluminium housing.
I went for the stainless ones off aliexpress. I think mine are 10x24x9


Hey Alexandre, that type of 200A breaker you have, I think it has a build int anti-spark (ignition protection) meaning you should be able to use the breaker as your on/off switch and anti-spark. Have you tested it to see if it was anti-spark?


i use it as on/of switch, the esc is always connected, i plug the lipo right pack, left pack then i switch ON

i never tried it as anti pack: i never connected the esc at the end because i have no capacitor on this 8S esc so i didn’t want to try it

i used it as safety breaker, OFF on load, that will be used on the next board (stem + spring + O-ring pushing on the OFF)

it worked well used with 16,8v 100A (180A max recorded) never cut

they are rated for 42V, mine get warm (±45°C) with 90A continous load

next time i will measure this voltage pics on the esc when i switch the breaker on :wink:


good to know and looking forward to know what the volts are when you turn it on.


a bit of cleaning, after 8h of running , see some water at frist, rusty…


Thank you :grimacing: Test on monday i cannot wait!


First battery pack done! Well all the solas plastic worked , but no more speed

I don’t have the amp log until next week for my usb data cable

Then i put this propeller:

And i have to re learn to Foil , this thing is crazy ! I will stop here i guess , start a bit hard , some new noise , may some cavitation?
i need to start very slow to get used to the speed , stay smooth all the Time but when the board is up , the speed is really fast, and fall really hard


Hi. I currently use the solas also but have also buy the same to you from rodeo. Which one do you prefere a the end?


i prefere the FR propeller , it is clearly design for a efoil , with my current step up it is perfect i have the speed i wanted, no need to go with 56mm motor i will stay in 40mm


Nice…I can’t wait testing it! Did you have some logs files. Like speed, rpm?


Data cable broken no number until next week , for the speed i guess i can use my phone next time , no speed log from the esc just rpm …

With the solas there is not much difference when the board goes up , the rpm stays about the same

With the FR , there is a bit less speed when used as surfboard , but when the board lift the speed increases a lot ( fell twice faster) , very tricky , the moves have to be faster and cleaner , i spent the same time on the board as in the water this afternoon



So u can reach 30kmph with fr prop with 40mm motor :open_mouth: Is it lower or higher pitched?


Bravo super nice project.


Voltage off by 2v , Amps? Rpm ok but still 30% drop , this is for 31km/h , 120kg and 40mm motor


Same rpm as the plastic solas , more amp and + 10km/h
FR propeller ( a must have !) 3 blades high pitch 135mm diameter with takuma Foil and some
Skills , two times 20-25min this evening , with a lot of fall ( average speed low)


this is the last 10 min i was tired, 20km/h is easy 30km/h things start to get tricky… with the new propeller i go over 200A (as the heifi esc says, will double check that soon) on start… breaker xt90 battery warm/hot, esc and motor Ok

i will try the “active free wheeling next time”


just charged my battery pack (8s), i used 17A for the 18min … so that would be around 1800W/H…numbers don’t add up with esc amp recording …but i am happy if it is 2000W/H for 30KM/H