The Volt eFoil thread - information for the DiYer

Spoted by @nickw1881, there seems to be so much information coming that this promising efoil needed its own thread for the DiYers, especially because it seems to be the first brand on the market with the DiY spirit in mind :

The control unit will be placed within the board allowing DIYer to choose their preferred control system or opt for our dedicated system. …

Seems like the company has a presence (registered ?) in Marseilles south of France. The design is definitely @Mantafoils UAE with proven and optimized wings and know-how coming from the MONO hydrofoil from Mantafoils - a 3 in 1 foil for kitefoil/windfoil/supfoil.

Delivery announced Q2-2020: looking forward to see the test figures of this efoil using the optimized F800 race front wing.

Manta Mono Wing range

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Renaud, a few questions for you.

As the ESC case above the mast is really small, will the Volt efoil use active water cooling like forced water circulation from a motor pod water inlet ?
Will you be the boss of this venture or an associate providing a technical support plus the foil range of as a supplier ?

Yes this will be very promising for the DIY market…
Battery looks well designed and propulsion unit, ESC wont need water cooling as it is directly connected to the alloy box and mast, which has massive cooling capacity. together with this perfect integrated Propulsion unit, this will be super efficient and reliable
And with inflatable board this will be one of the best solutions for 2020… :ok_hand:

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Yes we use active cooling in open open circuit.

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The way we designed the cooling system, we do need the water to flow to ensure 100% reliability.

It’s a project under Mantafoils umbrella but we will give access to some components to DIY as well as brands who need some to develop their foils.
We do this already with our inflatables inserts and ALU masts for example…

So you may find other brands proposing compatible boards or having some rebranded elements in the future.

That’s the idea… Having said that there is still quite a long way ahead before we release something to the mass market. I am confident that by q2 end we will have few guys with our pre production test units here and there…

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Any information in what price range this will hit the market?

Nothing to communicate yet… Once all is up and running well we will check exact prices.

Won’t be cheapest for sure considering the involved components but won’t be as expensive as market Leaders.

you can check progress here

Great Duct ! Is it Plastic injected ?

Machined aluminum. As it need to carry the stabilizer load