The PA70-150.... someone wants to try ;)

looks familiar no ?

Looks like they tried to copy the FR motor. Wonder how it would compare. I also wonder who’s making it…

Nice catch ! It is difficult to believe this motor is waterproof. How much does the FR motor weigh ? This one 1.7kg I remember the FR is 2.5+ kg but not precisely.

Or the Fr motor is misused !!!
There is a larger market for bow thrusters than for E Foil.
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But when I see how the prop injection mold is done, I know there are people at work who have no idea about what they are doing. Simple copy cats.

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The kv is on the high side for direct drive. The backplate on one of the pictures looks like it is for the fr mastclamp.

The FR motor is hands down the best direct drive trolling motor there is! An interesting test would be to see how it would handle a torqeedo prop.
It would also be fantastic as a bow thruster!

In this case with the FR style prop, yes definitely too high. It will never have the torque to reach max RPM.

Without having measured the motor, such statements about torque are nonsense!

It’s not nonsense. You can already see from the stats that it will have less torque!
It can handle less power and runs at a higher KV than the FR motor.
The FR motor has also maximised the stator Vs rotor size and poles to create the maximum amount of torque for its size.
Unless this new motor has some extra magic fairy dust inside it, it will not have the torque characteristics to push a 6" 150mm prop to 160kv.

Yes, a motor off this size and kv can never have enough torque to get to it’s max rpm with a prop like that. @55V this motor should do 8800 rpm with no load. 5.5kW is maximum power rating. If you calculate torque with those values you will get 6Nm.

Without knowing the winding scheme, magnet structure and some other factors, such statements are not good.
Who the manufacturer z. B. indicates less power to stay on the safe side without damaging the engine …
Clear results can only be given on a test bench with an eddy current brake!
Greetings Frank

FR’s motor is 67x135 if I remember correctly.
Honestly I don’t like the design lol. Hopefully you guys are going to like mine as it is a much cleaner one :sweat_smile::joy:

So, to be fair, for this size, anything above 6500-6600 is not efficient anymore for 16 poles motor. We ran some design before choosing our actual form factor. With 16 magnets the frequency at 8000 RPM will be 1khz. No lamination material available on the market can work with good efficiency above 500hz.
So, this motor is not 16 poles. Maybe 10 or less, which also means not that much torque I guess :sweat_smile:

Are you designing a new motor? If so, I be intrested to test it if you can make it before this summer?

I am, and will soon start a new thread about it.

I am targeting April - May fo the first batch and June - July for the second one. Will post all the details soon, stay tuned :slight_smile: