Spotz Tuna High Aspect Wingset Thoughts?

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I’m looking to get a Spotz Tuna wingset as a faster alternative to my lift 170 classic wing. However, I would like to have some thoughts from fellow efoilers to make sure that this type of wing would work well on an efoil. It is definitely high aspect with 550cm2 on the front wing, low profile and short fuselage. Would this be fun to ride or is it perhaps too high aspect for an efoil? Keep in mind I am looking for a fast wing though! Let me know your thoughts!

The Spotz Tuna 2016 is a legend for kitesurfers. In the days, praised for its speed (38+knots / 70km) , stability and maneuvrability.
550cm2 will require good balance skills a good initial speed to take-off (See FR record below). It could work if you find a way to route the motor cables with this plain carbon mast. Beware that the front wing is part of the front part of the fuselage so cannot be changed + make sure that the integrated stab angle tuning mechanism is not rotten, and that the 2 screw heads are not worn out (could be a weak part). A 100+cm mast could be too high for an efoil use.
2016 Spotz Tuna

David from FR reached 58kmph on this Moses Comet with a 506cm2 FW and an aluminium mast:

Thanks for your feedback! I am not planning on using the mast! I will modify the slot so my mast can fit on the fuselage! Do you think that can be done lol?

A Tuna efoil building will be interesting to follow.

Yes you can. A mast to fuselage adaptor is what you need. From memory, Spotz fuselage slot is conic. Don’t get rid of it,it guarantees play self adjustments.
Post the slot measurements here. Make a 3D print of the mast bottom (pot it ?) for checking purpose. When you are happy with the adaptor screwed to your new mast, have it made out of aluminium.
@Jezza has made several adaptors. Would you like to chime in ?
Main threads about mast fuse conversion and converters:
@Riwi’s: Adapter for GONG mast and Moses airplane
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I was able to get measurements and pictures from the seller. The slot is shorter than the overall length of the mast so I was thinking to router it out to make it bigger but after seeing the adaptor showed above it seems like this won’t be necessary. tuna slot
tuna slot 2

The dimensions of the slot are 100mm X 14mm X 29mm and the screw holes are 70mm apart. My liquid force mast is 12.4cm X 1.35cm with screw holes about 58mm apart. I already have a lift adapter from FR so I am familiar with that one but unfortunately it is too big to fit in that slot.