Solar panels flexible mono crystal know how available here?


Hey builders,
we went down to about 800W power usage at foilspeed. This in combination with folding props offers new possibilities in battery & solar charging for endless riding…
Has anyone technical knowledge with flexible cells (ETFE or organic PV or similar) that could be used as top deck on boards and inflatables too?
If so please contact us.:+1:


I use solar panels on my summer house, my boat and on my off-grid efoil chager.

Mounting a panel on the board wont do you any good. to get 800W out of solar you need 6-8 square meters of panels, and no shadows :slight_smile:

I have a 100W panel that charges a 12v60ah LiFeYPO4 batteri that i use to charge my foil, that work fine.
There are some foldable 400W “solar blankets” that could help to speed up charging.





No we thought about monocrystals & flexibel ones on top of the board to support &charge the batteries


Not enough space to do that. I the future there might be panels with higher efficiency but today you get 150-200w per square meter of panels. Thats with 0% shadows.


My company recently updated their panels on the roof (around 60-70 kWh during clear sunny day). Dont remember the exact figures but half square meter panel (102x48cm) gives around 90ish watts looking at the sun directly. Switced sun position before/after 2-3 hours hours degrades production by 30ish %. And these are some newish highly efficient commercially available panels (19.something%). During mixed day with clouds and sun, average production is below 40% normal, which would be simmilar to foil riding i presume. Calculated this on basis of total panel production, not based on single panel but they are all static and looking at the same direction. Hope that helps a bit.


Well we have about 1,4sqm surface area and with monocristals it calculates to about 150W.
With our best setup we have consumption of 900W. Will not be enough but at least could help 12% efficiency in the future…or 4hours parked against the sun let`s you ride half an hour… we think thats worth it to think about in the future…:sweat_smile:

#8 it is good to have an eye on the future . I have powered my house with a solar ~1.5Kw system for the last 13 years ( with 100% battery) no grid power at all. I run a normal house of appliances …55" TV /fridge , gas hot water. I found that all the cells need to be in direct sun without any shadow to get even close to the claimed efficiency/ power output :frowning: . Even having one cell with a bird poop on it has a reduction on the output of the array. I will upgrade my solar system as soon as better technology is available. (I run a back up generator from time to time)
May I suggest, It would be better to think about a solar charging station than to incorporate the panels on a efoil. The advancements in solar cells efficiency is not that great . the surface area required is greater than what we would like it to be. I also want my :…LOL


+1 rotating on a sun tracking system. Easy DiY solutions on internet.


Don’t forget wind! I use a 400W 48v Air-x windgenerator for those cloudy days. Has a built in regulator so you could hook it up directly to you pack if your cells are very well balanced.


will be difficukt to insall on the board :sweat_smile:


I wouldn’t use it without a duct. :grinning: