Puffed Lipo 20Ah 6S

I’m a bit afraid of my puffed green Multistar Lipos. I bought them one year ago from Hobbyking and I thought I trieded them quite gently. The cells never saw a voltage below 3.5v. I charged them about 50 times. In comparison you see the blue Turnigy Lipo (new)

What do you think? Is it a need to trash them? Does any body else have this problem?

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I was running those packs in my son’s electric trials bike for a couple of years. Same every time, the batteries puffed up after around six months. I went thru pack after pack always with the same result. Granted I live in a tropical climate and the bike pulls big Amps but so do our foils.

I was able to keep using them each time with diminishing returns but I don’t know as I’d be happy with that inside my board!

Ditch them and invest in an 18650 pack is my advice. Good luck.

Same with mine , 1 fire 1 swell /8 … Trash

Well I thinks it’s time to change to Li Ion. Do we have a good and cheap supplier in the EU for packs? I think I would go for 2x 6S10p without BMS.

I use the 16ah models, paralleled. You have to squeeze them before they swell and keep them squeezed. I use a frame made of glasfibre and nylon rods to clamp them gentle.

I learned this from my small electric vehicle where i use Thundersky Lithium, they never show the clamping frame in advertisement. Here is a picture:

Otherwise they end up like this one:

Round cells are wound so they cannot delaminate easily.

I use the Thunderskys with clamping frame since almost ten years now with little degradation only.

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I cannot recommand anyone in Europe for that kind of discharge , Homemade by someone , or nkon with nese module …

This thread is full of information.

For 30Q, @Jezza recommends https://www.fogstar-wholesale.co.uk/ over nkon and on 18650. I can’t find SAMSUNG 30Q 18650/3000mAh/20A on https://eu.nkon.nl/rechargeable/18650-size.html though. Keep us posted.

What might be worth for 30Q is not for 25R.
Quote for 200 x SAMSUNG 25R (Samsung INR18650-25R 2500mAh - 20A]) on each site:
Fogstar: 200x3.79GBP = 758GPB = 850 €
Nkon: 200 x 2.40€ = 480€ + 11€ shipping/15kg for EU.

My question: is the SAMSUNG 25R 20A cell suitable for our need ?

Guys, it doesn’t get much easier than this. Get yourself a spot welder (I use Kweld). A few meters of nickel strip and a hand full of 18650 lego bricks and voila!


Went for the totally waterproof version this time. Concerns of overheating never materialized

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How many batteries in there ?

144 LGMJ1 3.5 amps/cell

Those prices for fogstar aren’t correct.
Fogstar wholesale are: £2.29 + vat.

Also nkon says €2.99 per cell for 200, how did you get a much lower price?

*Sorry I saw that was for the 25R

Beware that these 30Q 3000mah nkon batteries are for 15A discharge only whereas the Fogstar are 20A discharge: therefore my previous remark.

30Q 3000mah 20A disch at Fogstar = 2.26GBP/2.54€ : x200 = 452GBP/508€
200 x 30Q 3000mah 20A disch at nkon: not available

To anyone, at nkon, for 200pieces, SAMSUNG 3000mah 20A discharge
30Q: 2.54€/p and 25R: 2.40€/p
Are 30Q worth the extra 6% in price ?

The 20a/15a is just the shops rating them differently. They are the same batteries. Ultimately you don’t really want to push the 30q harder than 10a in order to get a better lifespan.