Propulsion System - Motors, Gears, etc

Can you tell us more about the Lift motor you have? Size, weight, poles, cables?

can you guys maybe tell me what would be better… iam not a pro in brushless motors :slight_smile: just having one in my rc car :slight_smile:
100kv version with 60V at full throttle
or 120KV version with 60V on maybe 80% throttle

Can’t tell you exact specs as I haven’t hooked it up and done a pole count yet.
The unit is under 70mm in diameter and the motor portion of the housing is in the region of 130mm.
Its well made though.

Cables are a mil-spec wiring. It looks like a 6 Gauge something like SHF260-0113-6

I plugged the ARC200 into the motor today to get some data:

  • 8 pole pairs
  • 6000RPM at 50V (that would mean no loss 120KV, but I’d imagine some losses so its between 120-130KV range)
  • Outer casing is under 70mm and length under 140mm
  • Mil-spec 6AWG wiring, something like SHF260-0113-6

There are a couple of alternative motors that one could use that would give you similar performance.
Astroflight has one, The D65L161-120 from Reacher has a similar spec. I think the APS 56200 inrunner should work as a direct drive.

Ultimately there is no real reason to go above 70mm in diameter for a direct drive motor. Spec wise for a fast board you need:

  • 5kw (even the 6384 which is 4kw works well)
  • 12S to 14S
  • 80KV - 130KV

I hope this helps some looking for solutions not using a gearbox…


8!poles or pairs of poles ? Outrunner ?

Thanks jezza :ok_hand:


The autotune function of your Arc200 may be super interesting. Looking forward to see what sort of optimal values it will find under the water.

When I used the pole measurement in the arc200 setup it came in at 8 pole pairs. Astroflight motors also have 8 pole pairs.

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That is 16 poles , i might be wrong but it takes some space , sss tp… 40mm use 4 poles , 56mm 6 poles…
Is it possible to fit 16 magnets on a inrunner 70mm?

Macon make a 52mm motor with 8 pole pairs. They say it’s much quieter.

Thanks Jezza, great info!
Will you get more torque with more poles?

If we just could get our hands on these motors :wink:

Hi All

I found this 500KV SSS 56123 motor which it is 122mm long with more torque for those of you who are using reduction gear.

The list of potential candidates is getting shorter and shorter…

what do you think about this engine

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As I mentioned in another post they have more powerful one, costs 550usd and rated 2800wt and 62mm diameter (as per the seller, still not proof that those are real numbers)

Gearbox alternative. If you don’t find a Neugart, Parker or whatever is the standard in most of the gearboxed builds here. I have been using this now for a couple of hours and it seems to work just fine. No grinding noise or extensive heat. I am using plastic mounts and they are not melting so it is propably within acceptable limits.

And here is a fusion 360 file to fit it to any SSS56XX motor.



I bought this for 550 US I am waiting for a shipment. I’ll let you know how it worked :slight_smile:

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Nice to hear about the reliability of this cheaper option. I’m in the process of getting the right gearbox at my door with this supplier… for approx 40days right now… the communication is clear with the seller but they delivered a 10:1 gearbox instead of a 5:1. The return shipping was fast (DHL) but the processing at Hongjun company slow. Still waiting for the second shipment with the right gearbox. So be aware for some struggling, but it might just be (my) bad luck.