Propulsion System - Motors, Gears, etc

Nice ! Which motor is that ?

The one I was talking about above. A direct drive that will get you up on 12s (bearing in mind I am 90kg). I think it will push better with 14s though.
But it give a good idea of what a direct drive inrunner should look like for our purposes. The quality is exceptional!

Better take a good care when closing it !

Good luck! The seller said that it has static thrust of up to 15kg. Hopefully dinamic is more.

Please keep us updated how it goes!

That is one cutting edge motor! What speeds can you get out of it?

Sorry to hear that. Getting through a project like this obviously forces you to put your faith in many unreliable suppliers for quite expensive parts. My communication and delivery process with this supplier was quite efficient and clean.

You mean that this is the motor from Lifts efoil?

What you think about building this motors our self? Could we buy these stators or do we need to have them custom made.
The rotor seems to be separated square neodym magnets.

If you got a similar stator and rotor I don’t see why it would be hard to build (there must be places that can make them custom for us). Winding isn’t super complex and configuring the bearings isn’t hard either.

Is this motor the Reached Tech 65160. The fully waterproof one. If it is, it looks like it might be worth the 400Usd price tag.

Definitely not the reacher tech motor. This is from another direct drive unit that’s already proven and sold many units.

So from where you got this motor?

If you can’t tell people where you got it, that’s fine. But can you stop being a dick about it.


??? It is obvious if you read the post and count the Numbers of poles you got the answer, it is already very nice to have this picture…


Sounds like an oxymoron to me. Do I need to read the entire thread to decipher the code.

The picture was posted a few comments up and a few people have asked what motor it is. Can somebody that does know please make a contribution and answer the fucking question. FFS

Edit: got it now :grinning::zipper_mouth_face:

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After all this , what motor are we talking about?

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I’m sorry, do pray tell how I was in any way a dick? If you too lazy to read the entire post, go sulk somewhere else! There’s a search functionality built into the forum which will provide you with the answer if you bothered to use it. You can even just look at my profile and then click on posts created by me and that would also do it. Now I’m going to be a dick and not bother telling in this post though…
There’s also no need to use derogatory language either.
I have taken a huge risk opening the unit, providing pictures and giving all the required specs needed. Clearly others like Alexandre have managed to figure this out, so I guess you should be able to as well…

Guys, there’s clearly no future in this discussion for confrontation. Jezza, this forum is full of people hungry for knowledge from those of us who have been here from the beginning. I for one have spent two years on my project and only now am seeing the rewards. I have the luxury of living on a boat and I foil everyday. I am constantly trying to improve my setup and regularly visit this forum with the hope of finding something new that can add to my already awesome ride. Whilst I see both sides of the argument you are rather cryptic with your posts! Perhaps that’s intentional to make us all try harder. I am trying harder!!


Hello! Many people ask me about gear 4.25:1 from car engine starter. And it works! Now I have this setup: sss 56114 500kv motor, 4.25:1 starter gear (price is near $10), 7 1/4 x 5’’ prop from aliexpress and fsesc 6.6 vesc esc.
with diy 2000cm^2 wing and 50A battery current limiting I have 20-25 km/h speed at 12S. Now total working time is around five hours.


Any sources for that gear box online that you know of? Wouldn’t mind trying it it but not having much luck find an equivalent in Canada.

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