Plymouth UK Build Log

After almost two years of “very” slow progress things are just about ready and it’s just a case of charging the batteries and testing the electrics


Board: Airush Monaro (converted kite race board)
Deck pad: Unifiber Windsurf deck grip
Motor pod and mast: Flying Rodeo early prototype
Foil: Slingshot Hover Glide (kite version)
Batteries: 2 x Hobbyking 20000 6S
Charger: Hota D6 (DC)
Transmitter: Maytech
Hatch: Modified, eBay boat hatch
Cooling: large Aluminium plate and metal esc box (no water cooling :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

Build pics:

Uploading: 979762DB-582A-4728-9D23-990D887203F5.jpeg… Uploading: B66C591C-7146-4531-ACA7-53AF02159E4D.jpeg… Uploading: 14C68D1A-C45E-4AEA-BC05-E9E6333C319B.jpeg… Uploading: 2FB8A3AD-FCA1-43D7-819C-E1EB1A02EEA6.jpeg… Uploading: 4CFF34FC-437E-4097-A1BB-679076FA21E3.jpeg…
Uploading: 3E9B6F2E-DE0E-40EB-A018-B27EDF78A26B.jpeg… Uploading: 776A56CB-0FB2-463E-82C6-B4A3ABE1E725.jpeg… [(upload://bxUodupHgoBo9Ha1sMUav83oPb.jpeg)
Uploading: 907514D7-ED75-4352-8778-A6E6B178AD59.jpeg… Uploading: B9CD79CC-0E04-49A7-91DE-4B6FE856569B.jpeg… Uploading: BC24C8B4-6D11-4249-AAB3-9060075B20C8.jpeg… Uploading: 6E6D304D-690E-4FCD-AFE5-E97DA083651E.jpeg… Uploading: CD710556-8141-4367-8317-1FA445C5D340.jpeg… Uploading: 5E66BD91-F35A-42C3-8719-0637E8799508.jpeg… Uploading: F67FF6CC-12D6-4B4F-A188-6B1643943918.jpeg… Uploading: 6346BBCB-83AB-47B8-9D74-7E35727DE7E0.jpeg… Uploading: 73D78B83-33F4-4E07-82B5-11973C542422.jpeg…

Now too scared to charge my massive batteries!

Big thanks to @Jezza @smith69085 @Manu @Shaun @michion @waterfox @Silvio and @Carpi and others for their help and advice

Anyway now comes the tricky bit!




Just a heads up. Set you temp cutoff relatively low to start with on the arc200 so as to avoid hearing the batteries too much. So maybe around 50-60 degrees.
Then when you try it, you can see how long it takes to get to that temp…

Thanks Jez

I just hope everything still works when I finally plug it in. The motors been sat in the garage for 2 years!!

Congrats on the build looks really tidy!
I’m moving to Portsmouth in a few weeks then traveling down the coast by boat so may be in Plymouth in a month or so if you want to meet up. Would be good to see it in action.

Oh and charging with the D6 is no problem. Just use the lipo setting and balance charge function. It will take care of everything for you.
The battery’s are huge so you won’t be able to charge to fast with that charger (more than 1c rate).
Just keep an eye on them when charging as they are lipo after all.

Yeah definitely, ping me a message. Are you taking your e-foil on the trip?

How long are we talking rouughly in terms of charging? Just so I know what to expect

Yes its coming with as long as I can fit it in.

Up 4 hours maybe, depending on the level of the battery

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Empty Battery= 1,5hours
Greetings Frank