Nickel Strip Quality

Just a heads up to guys that are building batteries. A while back I built up a a battery pack and used “pure” nickel strip from Nkon. The owner of the pack managed to get water in it. 3 months later the nickel strip has corroded through. Clearly its not great quality nickel!

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Do you really expect it to last under those conditions?

Was it salt water? Galvanic corrosion?

Fresh water. It was dried out after the water. It wasn’t in the pack for 3 months (just in case you were thinking along those lines). Pure nickel shouldn’t corrode. I used two different sets of nickel on the battery. The other showed no signs of corrosion…

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Thank you @Jezza I had to order from Nkon… the second set of nickel that didn’t corrode came from who?

An eBay (UK) seller named metal-mass. It’s a bit pricier, but the no corrosion is a positive sign. There’s a very good post on the electric skateboard builder site about nickel quality. I’ll try find it tomorrow and post a link for all to read through…

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I bought this " Pure Nickel" for the battery I built. It says its pure Nickel. I held it against the grinding wheel. It sparked a lot more than some other Pure Nickle I had bought earlier in the year from another vendor. So I did not use it. It also took at least a month to arrive.

Here is how my sparky “Pure Nickle” arrived.

That doesn’t look promising lol

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Testing, testing, t…
One thing to do with any any newly received nickel strip would be to cut two 2cm (1") samples down: plunge one in salt water for 2 weeks, the second one in 14 degree vinegar (white cleaning vinegar) same duration and see what happens.