My thin pod build (45mm)


Thanks for your reply,
And one more. Why didn’t you choose a direct-driven thruster instead of gearbox one?
I’m just on a choose-a-way point and want to make the right choice.


I hesitated between 3 solutions:

  • Direct drive inrunner + small prop
  • Direct drive outrunner + medium prop
  • Geared inrunner + large prop

I chose the last one because it’s the solution that produce, in my opinion, the best efficiency.
And efficiency is important, because the cost and the weight of all the electric parts depend on it (batteries, motor, ESC, wires, connectors…)


Direct inrunner, small prop, small duct, easy to cool and works.

Outrunner, medium prop, harder to cool without potting etc… but gets hot and not potting amd flooding motor is not very efficient.

Motor with reduction gear larg prop, more parts, will be replacing $400 reduction gear each year as needed.

I did small impeller jet efoil and it works very well and im 255lbs


i am sorry i am not really sure:
with my setup, motor, one gearbox reisanauer chief (large thrust bearing included), proper shaft FR (screwed no need of coupler), one seal, pin ,propeller, and one bolt
the gearbox cost 230-270€ and i am willing to bet it can last a couple years

with a jet set up there is more parts: at least coupler, two bearing (rear and front and thrust…)


Jet is just a motor with custom long shaft and impeller goes onto that with bearing on far end. No couplers, no reduction gear or
Multiple connection points.

Both prop and jet systems work, i have build both and the jet is much more straight forward in terms of parts, durability, safety in my opinion.


in that case you are right
did you find enough space at the back of the motor can to put a thrust bearing (with the phases wires) ?


Yes, there is already a bearing there, you just replace with axial load bearing/thrust bearing. All standard bearings available.


Have you measured the thrust of your setup ? How many KG do we need for lifting on the wing?


The amount of thrust needed will vary on rider weight, board size, foil size, and water/wave conditions. Depending on setup you should be able to get up with 27-30kg static thrust Alex.


Are you using direct drive if so what motor using and what size prop and pitch etc