My thin pod build (45mm)


Yes it is my propeller.
Its shaft is 10mm and its hub 46mm.
I’ve used a 10mm stainless steel rod to mount it to my gearbox:


Love it, love it !

Silvio please how did you mount the motor shaft into the Reisenauer Chief ?

I understand that the Turnigy AquaStar 4084-620KV has a 5mm shaft.

Did you also order the 5mm pinion from Reisenauer ( 1 month wait) and did it fit properly the motor shaft from scratch ?

Also, as I am not familiar (never seen any before) with those gearboxes. On the Chief site, the bottom of the gearbox looks open and “naked”. What extra pieces did you have to purchase on the top of the pinion to make the motor fit ? GRP frame, flange ?

Thank you


Yes I ordered in addition to the gearbox:

  • the Torque-Torque Pinion for Motor Chief 6:1 5mm
  • the 4-P-CHIEF-flange PEGGY SC3026-3230, Kontr., Neu LL 25mm hole 13mm M3

Both fit perfectly for the AquaStar motor.
Pinion has been glued with loctite (first time badly, it unglued, but second time it’s ok for now).


Thank you so much. Throw your swimming suit into the bin and come to try it where I live in Provence… Water is now at 24 Celsius. Outside temp and high salinity will double your battery life :wink:


Silvio is that shaft just bolted into the Reisenauer shaft? Does the gearbox take all the load from the propeller thrust? I’m asking because that caused mayor destruction on my motor pod…after some hours of fun, speed and good time. Don’t underestimate weird noises, increase of vibrations from the motor…eventually. 10minutes from noise (board resonating loud) to trash.


well the way it is made i think it can take a lot of load, the thrust applies on a double axial bearing, on my setup i choose to use a thrust bearing between propeller and the tube mount , but i keep getting weed stock in it, now i just use 5 washer to leave some space , work fine the motor doesn’t stall, on my next built i may do as Silvio and thrust the gearbox, will see in time



I have printed your kindly provided 3D files.

There are only 3 long wholes in the “back clamp” piece instead of expected 4 long wholes. Also no side holes for “sliding” the 2 bolts to attach the long screws

So this is maybe not your final version ? :wink:


Yes it is my final version:

  • The 3 long holes are for the 3 10awg cables, terminated by 3 4mm female bullet connectors glued inside, then connected to the 3 male connectors of the motor.

  • I removed side bolts because they create weaknesses in the design and generate small water perturbations. Now my 2 M6 long screws are directly screwed in the PLA hole (a tap can help).


Son is going to morph your system with PM duct screw and duct.

Silvio, I still do not get how you fix the Chief to the 3D plastic back part. Would you mind explaining further please ?


In my setup the motor is attached to the gearbox through the flange (screwed) and both are wedged between the MastClampBack and the SealMount. No screw here. Rotation is blocked by 4 ergos on the SealMount.


Silvio, here is your creation screwed to Pacificmeister’s duct. It fits, but this combination can be improved in order to reduce the shaft extra length. The back of PM’s duct may be shortened by 1 cm I guess. It may also need an extra ceramic bearing at the very end to prevent the motor shaft 's vibrations



Great thread and well done on the design!



Very nice! I was just wandering how did you waterproof this part? Mecanical seal? If you have also link it would be grate!

Thank you and again well done!
PS. Vous pouvez répondre en français en mp.


O ring just under aluminum tube (next to screws) and double lip seal in the center hole where shaft goes :slight_smile:


Funnily enough, I’ve just come out of a meeting with my mechanical seal supplier (global concern). I think it came as a bit of a shock when I started picking his brain about 10mm bellow seals as we usually talk about 200mm cartridge seals! Like all “homers” (Non work related projects usually carried out in work time) he was all over it and loved the idea. He’s going to come back to me with some recommended specs for the application.


Well done @philgib.

I plan to design a specific duct for my step during next days, certainly merged with the SealMount piece. I don’t know if a ceramic bearing is relevent, because of the rigid coupling. If no additional bearing, shaft have to be the shortest possible.

I think the only interest of a duct for an efoil is to offer a protection. So I will try to maximize the robustess while minimizing the drag (no diameter reduction).


OK I see. Thank you :slight_smile:


Silvio, does your Yep have current limit? I dont seem to see it in spec or on programing card from the internet images. I found a nice deal for 80€ marine version.


No my Yep ESC don’t have current limit, it’s a cheap ESC.
It is documented to have temperature cutoff but some users report that don’t work very well.


I just finished designing a 20cm duct for my setup:

A standalone piece ultimately, I will use the 4 same screws to attach it to the pod than the SealMount piece.