My thin pod build (45mm)


very nice! i will try my setup this w.e , so you said the pinon unglued one time, did you glued it back ? what did you use?
if you found a way to weld it let me know, if i have a problem with mine i will try to spot tig weld maybe…


You can 3d print a wedge shape shim to go between the foil base and the board ( in the rear to lower nose height of board). Make a few that are different thickness to swap out until the board angle is flat. 5 to 7mm usually does the trick. Jezza is correct about the tail rocker causing the high nose up angle.


Good chance for your first try @Alexandre!
For the moment I’ve glued my motor pinon with loctite again but I envisage to follow Reisenauer recommandation, going to a goldsmith, a jeweler or a dental technician to laser weld it.


Thanks, i’m just surprised because it’s a home made board, the back 2/3 are completely flat. When i use it for surf foil it rides flat. My current thinking is that somehow the huge 7 1/2 inch prop close to the fuselage is somehow messing with the back wing… i’ll try to angle the back wing too see the impact.


Are you sure the motor pod is not angled? That could also throw it out…


Hi @Silvio, did you share your pod design? Can you please post the link again?


I am OK to share my CAD files, you can find them here:

But be careful, my setup is not safe: aluminuim propeller without protection!
It’s just a prototype version, I encourage nobody to copy me.


thank you for sharing, i looked at your gearbox mount, it is pretty clever!
Have you a chance to use your efoil? did you get any water is the pod ?


Yes I’ve got water in the pod at beginning. I’ve done some watertight test with air pressure to identify losses, they came from PLA pieces where thickness was low (below 2-3 mm) and from cable output. Seals was all OK.

I’ve printed new PLA with “infill” to 105% and with less thickess weaknesses. This new version seems OK (tested at 2 bars).

I fly now without falling on long distances (severals km), great fun!


I am so glad this motor is working ^^ (just arrived few days ago)
I am around 70 kilo too, have u seen any numbers regarding consumption? Also, have u tried some1 heavy and see how much amps they eat?
Fly on!


I have no idea of my consumption. I will try to ride at dusk to see if i have better visibility on watts display.


Action camera might help with some polarising filter or neutral density filter if glare is 2 much or brightness too big.:+1:


Why don’t you bought an eagle data log. Not expensive and you can add full sensor like temp, GPS, throttle, rpm and much more…


Great session and good video this evening! :grinning::grinning::grinning:
My GoPro has filmed watts display :grinning:

I need between 1500W and 1900W to take-off then minimum 1200W to fly. My batteries voltage was arround 45V.

At the end of the session my motor pod was tepid and my alu box with esc was a little more than tepid.

I didn’t dare to run full-throttle, but perhaps next time!


New session this morning :grinning:

I rode along the coast during 17 minutes for about 6 km (average speed 21 kmph).
I used arround half my batteries’ load so my autonomy is about 35 min (12 km).
It is less than I was hoping but I’m still happy that my setup works pretty good :grinning:

Next challenges: prop protection (duct?), waterproof remote control


You go “far” , i stay around 2km , i had to swim back two times… Have low do you use the multistart ?


So well. Thats mean with a quick calcul 28amp or 1300 watts!:+1:


I can’t use a logger because I have no free space in my electronic compartment.
Only a wattmeter, a GoPro and GoogleEarth to measure distances :smiley:

I cross my fingers to not have a problem off the coast (swim then walk barefoot with a load of 15Kg :weary:)


A new video from outside:


Your design looks really nice! Congratulations!
Do you bought this propeller:

Competitive price Aluminium Propeller for Yamaha Honda 2.0HP 2HP 2.5HP Outboard Motor Parts 7 1/4 X 5 - A

I could not find any picture that shows how to assemble it to the shaft. May I ask you for sharing the propeller model with shaft mountings (as stp) ? It seems that this propeller works really well with the rpm and torque of your setup.

Thank you!