Matt's 1st build, France

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while i read your posts and this forum is a huge source of inspiration and experience.
Finally I’m free from my first Hisun efoil, sold few months ago. I’m ready to build my own one, hoping I’ll achieve it during this winter to release it for next Spring.
My objective is surfing and at least sea cruising. For my first build experience and before start sourcing and buying parts I would like your actual opinions. Here is my target recipe:

  • Board: I already have a brand new naked Hisun board. Full carbon and already waterproof. Pretty heavy again but dimensions are not that bad (5"4). I will share some pictures and details later. That’s a lazy option but price is quite good for what it is.
  • Motor/mast: FR’s one (actually David has 3/4 weeks delay). Again that’s a lazy and pricey option but it looks worthy.
  • Foil: Gong Curve range
  • ESC: Flier Boat 400A in the red waterproof version. Do you think that’s still a good choice? Does the waterproof version worth it, does the program box is required??
  • Remote: I will modify the Maytech but I still do not understand real differences between MTSKR1905WF V2 and MTSKR2005WF V2? Are the firmware different?
  • Battery: diy 14s14p one following existing threads. I have to choose if I want to use a BMS monitored one or skip it like @Flightjunkie does.

Any thoughts? Thanks for your boost.

Get a better ESC.

  • 75V 200A vesc
  • 300A seal ESC

Firmware is different and the esk8 one is not waterproofed.

It is different firmware between 1905 and 2005.
If you planing to modify it anyway, i would go for the 2005. No reason to pay More than double price for nothing (bad waterprotection) :slight_smile:
I personally never use the cruise control on my old remote that you have in 1905. I personally think The different profiles on 2005 is much better feature.

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ESC wise I would go for a vesc, either an original 75300 or one of the knock offs 75200. If you want to stay at 12S there is even more choice. If you buy the Flier, you can program and install SW through usb but their tool is simple and probably 10y old (It works though, had some connecting issues but I was able to upgrade sw and configure parameters).
VESC is much more convenient, you can change parameters over BT, even with an Android phone without switching off the esc and connect it to usb. You also get telemetry data and you can limit the currents.

Then both are not waterproofed :wink:

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They much better ESC’s. Just put them inside a case.


Use a VESC. If you have the money buy the Trampa 75/300. Or get the Chinese knockoff if you can’t afford it. Look at my build. Put it in an aluminum enclosure and fill the enclosure with corrosionX.

As far as the maytech remote goes. Get the cheaper one. You need to waterproof it anyway.

Good luck with your build!



You’re very lucky to have sold it ! A buyer who wanted more the immediate ride than the long term use ?

Weird story…he bougth it for a reasonnable price without trying it and sent a Uber to get it :wink: No news from that time.