Looking for a round access hatch *waterproof*


I already tried two different models:

this one is not watertight at all

This one is waterproof. But you need to much force to turn it for pressing the lid against the seal.

Does anybody found a good one?


I have had great luck with these. They come in black or white in a few different sizes. They have a built in seal.


Should be this one, right?

Is 8" enough to put 6S 20Ah Hobbyking Lipo through? What is the height of it?


I’m using those but they are 4 inch, very waterproof and easy to open/close if you grease the o-ring.
i’m just using the hatch to turn the board on and off, and remove the plate where they are mounted.

there are 6 inch versions too:


I’ve noticed Beckson makes a lot of hatches including those on West Marine’s website. Seems like a legit product.


This is also a good hatch (confirmed by cristophe):

My board has a thickness of 10cm. The lipos have a height of 70mm. So it’s almost not possible to use a rectangular hatch because of its height.


Is it watertight? I used osculati and water entered easily in seconds…
I tried 3 different round hatches, all where watertight


Hi bender: could you share the links for those hatches?


I bought them at my local boat shop. I will try to find the brand