Ideas for multiple purpose board


Searching response
Im considering making a foil board or a electric surf board. How is the maneuvrebility on a foil board. They both seems to be fun to ride but i could see the fun in sharp turns and jumping waves or what ever. Tho i haven’t tried any of the two types


So my idea is a sort of exchangeable mast. All using @virus idea to be able to unscrew the motor

I’ve used a couple minutes to make a quick sketch in fusion not pretty and just an example in a random dimension.
The firs one here is the one that seems pretty normal for most of you guys on the forum. The back part is the screweable motor.

The next one is the motor screw system mounted on at much shorter mast. As you can see my concern is the propeller getting too far out an may be becoming a threat.

Last option is moving the screw part further towards the front. and getting the propeller under neath the board.

Im looking forward to your response, positive and negative. Maybe improvements or changes. The reason im planning propeller is that i read on here someone mentioning its more effective. :slight_smile:


Yes, fantastic idea and thats what I did. It works as a SUP to play on, jet surfboard, and efoil. Works awesome as an efoil, when get back from Scotland trip ill be jet surfing. I find it really hard to take the efoil setup apart, its just too much fun. esurfing is fun, but its like a seadooi, after 20 minutes it gets a little boring.


Thats fantastic. Did you choose the jet propulsion system due to safety?
How are you mounting for jet surf. And what about cables? :slight_smile:


Yes for safety, durability, and cost reduction.
We are making custom mount that attaches onto foil mount.


Okay thanks may look into jet propulsion then :wink:


@VeFoil i just looked around on too many posts on different propulsion systems, and often i see you comment on how its the most cost reliable and easiest way, is it just a inrunner motor a shaft, small propeller with intake in front and then a smaller outtake?

I found a picture of yours. How come its so long? Do you have a gearing in there or what? Havent really found a proper guide yet.


We are using the original tube, we made it extra long to fit all our ideas so we didnt have to machine several jet tubes, we can trim a bunch off, though we are using a longer motor than most. We are direct drive no gears.