I‘m giving up my eFoil build: selling parts


Update: not yet giving up. Saw a nice sup foil at a reasonable price.


Not selling. Giving it another try.


Hey why are giving up ?
Looks like you have made some good steps.


It’s the combination of little time, high costs, still a lot of missing parts and unclear outcome that made me preorder one of the commercially available ones. But maybe you’re right and I should continue. Right now the part I’m stuck on is a board with foil mounts. All I can get over here is surf/kite boards with 20-30l volume. Anything beyond that there’s zero offering.


Yes its no easy Projekt. Iam at the very beginning so i dont hava a got counsel now. But i wish you good luck to find the right was to get on the water.


Just my 2c. Surf foils are now available at prices as low as 350USD + taxes for the Chinese one or 450usd ExVat +shipping and import Tax outside Europe for the GONG one. If you have the necessary room and time, making your own board is not so difficult and not so expensive when you buy your blanks of styrofoam or EPS :thinking:

Successful projects.
@Matt’s experience with EPS: 80100 direct cooling (the board building starts at 2.25)
Advice of glassing waterproof compartment


You can also add a ready made boat hatch or cover with hatch latches like LIFT did…