Hoverstar h5 efoil for sale


Have a used hoverstar efoil that I don’t use anymore.

I sell efoil + remote for 1000 usd + shipping

Note that power lead connector is removed (you need to put your own one).



You need a 12S battery to run it.

it really is delivered like that? This remote controller and engine comes as shown?:flushed:

yeah it comes like that. the remote is not floating so I added foam so that it floats.
the receiver was also raw, not waterproofed so I did dipped it into a box filled with epoxy.
the ESC is inside the engine bay

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Hi there and greeting from Finland :call_me_hand::smiley:
How did the H5 run? Any good?
Would be great to hear a bit more :blush:


the H5 is working in general but lack a bit of power compared to other foils we tested.