Hatch mounting bolts and screws - what are people using?

What hatch mounting bolts and screws are people using? I have been advised to use windsurf strap mounts

At the moment I can’t decide whether to use my boat hatch or make my own hatch cover out of clear polycarbonate. I did by some vinyl bolts and screws but not sure they will be up to the task

Any advice would be great

nylon Stainless m5 inserts in epoxy work great with a stiff seal ledge spaced every 6" or so, just never over-tighten or if you feel weary try brass inserts you can use your own nylon to surround the brass and sink it into epoxy. I use both and prefer the nylon and just take care to not strip and if it were to happen you can just drill out and re plug. I wouldn’t recommend a plexi plate as its heavy flexible and slippery, if its wet inside you can tell with a simple flood alarm and set up properly you can handle a complete flood. Always be ready to flood everywhere and just never let it happen.

Did you glass anything into the board so that they screw into?
I used countersunk marine self tapping 4.8mm. They screw into single chinook inserts.

Hi Jezza

Not yet, that’s the next task.

When you say a single chinook insert what is that?

I used the single ones https://www.tustablas.com/es/windsurf/accesorios/footstraps-y-pads-taco-footstrap-p-1774.html?search_query=chinook&results=22
This was the cheapest I could find them in Europe. In the UK they are very expensive.

You might get the best of all worlds (battery visibility + water presence + non slippery +) by combining it with the RSPro Traction https://waal.co/ crystal clear pads used by @Dude and @Mat. They are in V2.0 now.

They are developped in Barcelona (bit far from Hawaï though) and exist in mini packs (30€ for 10 pieces)

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feedback on the traction pads: they look great, and works well with booties, but not so good barefoot and they scratch your knees…
I used them on the electric foil and I’ll keep them there, but I’ll remove the ones I have on my surf-foil… I’ll replace with just wax or regular pads…

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Entirely valid Mat yeah I use those on a board for just foil and I always wax them. Pad is best from FCS the roll may micro dot. I just think with plexi you take away from structure and risk leaks unless you just use it for a window not your standing area.

Thanks Jez,

So are these are self tapping?

Yeah, I drilled a pilot hole and then they are self tapping.