Gauging interest for boards and mast clamps etc

I am trying to gauge a bit of interest in what guys think would be a good price for a top quality board. And also if there would be interest in a top quality mast clamp for the likes of motors like maytech/reacher/flipsky and what guys would be willing to pay for them?

Haha, sounds like plan with commercial thoughts? Feel free ofcourse.
For me the maytech/reacher is not a proven design (yet) might be a bit early to invest. A mast clamp should cost around 100usd in my opinion.

I know quite a few experienced board shapers that are currently debating whether or not to get into the market, or whether there is even a sizeable market. So yes it is a commercial options, hence why I posted in the products section.
I think the 65162 is relatively proven. It’s on a few commercial boards and I and a few others have tested it relatively thoroughly. It’s just the longevity that’s in question at this stage. But a good mast clamp would allow motor units and adaptors to other units too.

I’ve contacted dozens of surf board shapers and none of them liked the idea of an efoil. Said it wouldn’t work even when I showed them Lift and Flite. That being said, I have been able to make a board with a router and foam but I lack skill in fiberglass/carbon fiber. I did make a similar post 6 mo or more around those wanting a board and how much they would be willing to spend. I have over 20 leads on that. I am also talking to yet another fiberglass expert tomorrow. Hoping good things!

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I think a lot depends on the shapers and their skill sets. Some also don’t like the idea of efoils. The guys I know already make standard foil boards, and an array of other surf craft. Some even do surfskis.
I could build boards myself but it’s not worth my time to do the glassing and sanding. I just know that with my network I could turn out a top quality product if there was a market for it.