For sale hoverstar foil


I have used an hoverstar foil kit with my Mantafoils fuselage and wings.

This was to test efoil and see what is available as we are testing different factories setup.

If anybody is interested you can PM me or email at

I can sell the parts including battery if needed. !

You can check Mantafoils Instagram there are few videos of that system in test.

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Always nice to see a new brand efoil being owned by a forum member
In the video, they announce a 10N.m torque. Do you confirm ?

Could you share a few details with us regarding this product before you sell it ?
Q1 - Motor: do you know which brand it is ? The extension seems to hide a gearbox. Do you confirm ? Which dimensions ? … any detail like data logging you would like to share with us ?
Q2 - Could you make a pontoon push test for us on a bathroom scale ?
Q3 - Max speed you’ve reach with this setup ?

Q4 - How did you make the box waterproof with this board bottom mount (ala )
Q5 - Remote : would you have pictures ? + what is your feeling. Have you tested the Maytech to compare ? Does Hoverstar offer 5 riding modes like Pegasus Beginner/Experienced/Expert/Eco Mode/Cruise Mode ?
Q6 - Battery : would you have a picture + s/p/ Wh specs ?


Q7 - Board: volume, dimensions and bevel look very familiar. Did you apply the volume = weight + 30 liters rule ? Are you satisfied with the buoyancy ?



first of all I am not related to hoverstar, I just ordered their kit to test it out as part of my market research and product development.

the motor has good torque, though I did not try to measure it.
motor brand unknown
outrunner direct drive
sorry no time to do test for trust…
I reached 30kmh
no the battery was in the water protected with marine grease… it did work quite well. I had to dip the electronics into epoxy.
the remote is good except that it is step control only and does not float.
only one ride mode.
battery is 30Ah 12S
the board I did is just a quick one for test . it was 50L and I would have prefered a 75-100 L

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Could you post a few pictures of the remote ?


I have updated the post with the kit as I will sell it.

Anybody interested can PM me

How much do you sell the set ?
Interesting how they have used a square and a round connector to differentiate polarities.
1 - ESC: The plastic case seems too small to welcome a 12s12p battery plus an ESC. Would you have a pict of the ESC ?
2 - Remote foam presence reason ? Is the right-angled shape too painful for the hand while getting on the board ?
3 - Remote button uses : more / less speed continuous or steps ? Is the bigger button a rider’s presence button, normally open ?
4 - Charger: any picture and spec ?

I sell it 2800 usd with a new battery or 2000 usd without battery.

The esc is near the motor underwater
There is a remote receiver see attached. I waterproofed it with epoxy

Remote foam is for having it floating
Remote is speed steps. And trigger is safety. If released shuts down power

Charger see attached. Takes 3 to 4

hours to charge

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