For Sale Efoil DIY parts/electronics


I have been too busy to finish the re assembly of my efoil components and decided to list my parts on ebay.

I have a SSS 56104 500kv motor new, Seaking 130 amp ECS, Flysky FS-GT2b remote, Parker PV23FE-005 5:1 Gearhead, 2 UBECS, self priming water pump plumed to cool esc, and a amp/voltmeter. All this wired up in a pelican 1200 case.

Let me know if you have any questions


I almost wonder if you’d have better luck parting it out and selling it on here.

Did you ever figure out why your original motor failed? It was the same 500kv motor, right?

Also- what tubing did you use to connect that diaphragm pump with the ESC?


The first motor failed because i pulled the heat sleeve off the motor wires thinking it wasnt needed. I was wrong and the wiring shorted out to the motor housing.

The esc is cooled with 3/16th inch tubing


Thanks dude! Good luck with your sale, bummer you don’t have time to get it back together.