Flipsky 200A Vesc6 esc, 65161/100kv and Vx2 remote startup need help

Hi, I just got my setup from banggood and hooked all up but it is not working ok at first. I only get a buzz from the motor when actibvated the remote. Tried with SS56114. It runs like 2 speeds: on - off. So i thought is probably settings. Remote can be setted but i do not know the pole pair nr of the motor. I could set the cell nr to 6. Next Vesc tools. Well, installed but so many warnings i did not dare to do anything. It says that the firmware is old but still working. Any help appreciated:

I was able to upgrade the FW for the esc but i still need help for the motor setting. it is not straight forward, do not have the motor data either.Like pole numbers. wish not to take apart… I am trying with a 6s setup. Do i need a 12 s ?

Read Flightjunkie’s first efoil build. He took apart the same motor and we answered this question. It was 6 poles if memory serves.

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The Vesc has a low voltage protection, it will limit the current if the voltage is too low. If you set the battery voltage to 12S but are connecting a 6S instead, it will limit the current and won’t let the motor run resulting in the buzzing noise that you’re experiencing. Set the battery cutoff according to the voltage that you’re using.