E-foil for sale


Hi there,

My name is Jordi and I´m an e-foil builder from Spain. I started building my efoil about 9 months ago and it´s been slowly progressing up to the point where I can fly confidently with it.

Unfortunately, due to work relocation I´m moving to NZ and I can not take the e-foil with me. Rather than keeping it collecting dust perhaps can interest someone on the forum.

I´d be selling the whole lot, if this is of interest to anybody. Pack has:
-Carbon foil
-2x16000 multistar batteries
-56104SSS Motor
-Neugart PLE40 5:1
-Flier 320A ESC
-Hobbiking GB2T with buffalo enclousure

Looking for sensible offers.
This would suit to someone looking to get into e-foils.




Hi Jordy,
I am very interested in your efoil would be great to get in contact with you with some more information and pictures.
What Price are you looking for ?
Please send me an email smeien@web.de

Thank you very much


Can you post some pictures? Thanks!


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hello ser
I am very interested please send me fotos and price adout.
thanks ge1967@windowslive.com


Hi guys,

Many thanks to everybody for the interest.

it´s now sold.



We have a special offer for you. We want to sale our e-foil Flying Rodeo prototype and we decided to set the starting price at 1.500€. It’s up to you now who offers more.

We saling whole e-foil with bag. But because it is prototype the riding time is 25 minutes and the transmition is not waterproff.

Board is 1,5 meters long, have waterproff conpartment and the board has costom airbrush.

Shipping cost for EU is 340€.


That is dirt cheap considering the R&D costs of crushing ESCs and motors… Man, if I hadn’t already purchased half the basic electronics, I would jump on it !


Really interesting offer !
What ESC do you use in this setup ?


I will buy it
Can pay today