Dual ESC6 base on VESC6 is available in market


can you explain dual | single mode? Is it meant for two motors or can it be used in “parallel” connecting ONE motor witch 200A continous current? For most people of the forum, A VESC that supports 200A or more for one single motor would be quite useful.


Hi @Crazygigi

Could you possibly show us a wiring diagram for the dual mode where 200A is achievable?
Is there any chance that Someone could get a test unit to to see how well it functions for our purposes. If we validate that it functions well, I think you would get a lot of sales from the this community. I alone have three different boards and drive systems that need the correct ESC’s!


Here’s the wiring diagram for your reference.


The rating of 200A is saying it can push 100A through 2 motors. ie. the max it can push through a single motor is 100A.


@Crazygigi I’m interested in trying the Flipsky FSESC 6.6 single in my efoil. I believe I will be able to handle the temperature and 150A burst is definitely enough. The only thing is I would like to have a flat aluminum heat sink/box around the esc to use a water cooled heat sink on top of that box around the esc. The current version on your website has cooling fins, which are disadvantageous when using another flat Aluminum heat sink on top. Do you think you can provide a different one?
Also if you’re planning a special e foil version , please give an update in this thread.


I will update the one when we have . thanks for your information!