Corvus | Custom DIY Board | Slingshot Foil | Turnigy aerodrive C80100-130 | 10s 7p battery pack | Enertion Vesc

This is where I am at the moment.
10s7p battery pack wired through to an anti-spark switch then to a Enertion VESC.
The motor has been epoxy’d, sanded and reconstructed.
74x30x6 PU foam block in the basement waiting to be shaped (after I’ve watched countless youtube)
My board shape will be similar to Blue Planets new CARVER FOIL SUP (2020)

I’m waiting for the Flipsky VX1 controller to be delivered

I’ve cut all my wires to the same length, an engineering buddy of mine said, “You should have cut the wires offset from each other to prevent any of the connectors from touching.”

I think I’ll be ready by Summer of 2020.

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Nice ! And yes it looks better a the same length (same as you ) but I prefer now longer one at least in the middle … you can can always put holders …

thank you for your using our products

@ling08 Which product is that?

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The Flipsky VX2 looks interesting too (99 instead of 49USD):