Boards for eFoil


I was talking to pacificmeister about his project, and I still have a few of the same boards that he is using on his project.

Mention efoil builders for additional $150 discount.

Pacificmeister Build Info and CAD Sources

What is the thickness of this board. I’m concerned that it may be a bit thin to make a cavity to house the batteries and electronics completely consealed inside the board.


It’s pretty thick and my stuff did fit. Here an image that shows the thickness while cutting one of the cavities:


Wow, great job. That does look thick. Knowing it was kite board I would have thought it was thin. My apologies for doubts.


Does anyone have rough dimensions like length, width, height and volume of a board?

Also, does anyone know how the force of the mast connection is distributed within the board? Do they have long pipes build into the board? I have a bunch of carbon fibre golf clubs lying around. I plan to incase them on the inside of my board for strength. They are conic and pretty useless otherwise.


The bigger of the two lift boards is 1680mm (5’6") x 710mm (28"). Not sure how thick it is though. I have designed a board that is similar in dimensions but a different shape, without the rails shaped it will be about 104L volume. I have some PDF templates that I have made that you can print on A4 and stick together if you would like them. The design hasn’t been tested though, going to start shaping from a block of EPS this weekend. I was going to put some extra 6oz glass at the back of the board on the top and bottom where the foil connects for strength. Cheers


Thanks, but I will CNC my board from Foam.


If you are willing to share your templates I would like to view the shape. My current plan for testing is a 30+ years old windsurfboard which weighs more than an oil tanker. Would be nice to make a better board.


Sure. There is an overall template and then I have split it into side profile and plan for printing. Just print it from Adobe acrobat as a poster in A4 at 100% scale and it should come out to the correct dimensions. It won’t let me upload a PDF. I can email them to you if you like?


Me too as I am about to shape mine in CAD


I’m currently shaping @Goldy 's files in CAD. If he agrees I can share it with you or here.
I’m just to inexperienced to trust myself with shaping in real life from just to templates :slight_smile:
It’s actually not really easy in CAD, too.


I am making a parametric model where I start with a box and cut away angles and curves to get a round shape that can be glassed. Will share the file here.

I am wondering about the electronic compartments though. Ill keep ESC and batteries separate. Does the ESC need to be water cooled? Or can I keep it inside a box?
If water cooling is necessary, do you need water flow, or could it be enough to submerge it from time to time?


There is some debate about how much cooling is necessary :
I would plan on at least some cooling. I won’t build my board until I’m convinced that my cooling setup works.


We are able to ride a full charge on 2x10000mah6s lipos (about 15-20 minutes) with no watercooling on the ESC, only an alu heatsink. ESC=Seaking 130 A, we are riding in a cold environment tho… might be different in the summer. But I think and hope that it will be possible to not use watercooling, as that will make the system less prone for failure (blocks in the cooling pipes for example).


That sounds very good. I will add an Arduino temperature monitor. Just some red and green leds, or a warning sound.


Sure thing, share away. I would upload them to the forum but it wouldn’t let me upload in PDF. I also have a 3d model in fusion 360 if that is any use to you.


Use a free upload service. Fusion 360 would be great too.


Hi Max. Sorry for the late reply, been really busy this week. Here are the templates and Fusion 360 file if you still want them. The 3D model is very basic, as I am shaping from the templates I only made it in 3D to roughly work out the volume. I didn’t bother adding rails etc as I am shaping them by hand.
Started making some progress.


That looks really nice. Will you float on it? Is your deck curved or flat? I think that curved might be stronger.


Thanks. Will still probably have to start lying down and then stand up when I get some speed up, I am close to 90kg but someone lighter may be able to start standing on it. The deck is curved (about 30mm), would have liked it to be more curved but I was limited by the thickness of the polystyrene sheets. Cheers