Battery pack with Samsung 40T’s

Hi everyone. I’m wondering if anyone here has built a pack with Samsung 40T’s. Capacity and discharge rate are pretty good (without needing to with a large parallel count). Read some tests of these cells and even if they don’t quite rate as high as 35A at reasonable temps, they still seem like a good choice for the size of pack that I’m looking for (12s7p-ish).

Anyone near me in Toronto, Canada interested in a combined battery order? :slight_smile:

For anyone interested: I’ve also already started building a modular pack system for other projects. Something printable and not using hard to source or expensive extra parts was key for me to keep costs down. This is actually version 2 and will replace my older stuff for other high current projects. I’ll share it in case it’s helpful to others once it’s all tested and working.

yes the samsung 40 T are very good. as a pack, these cells are suitable for a duration of up to 20 A. you can discharge up to 30 A for a few seconds. my experience with about 120 flights with e-ppg and about 15 e-foils runs. (I only started foiling last summer.) I see 10 P as ideal for the foilboard, then the cells stay below the limmit of 55 degrees celsius even in summer with high ambient temperatures. Best regards. ps. I am currently using molicel 21700. These can be loaded a little more than the samsug and are in Europe cheaper than samsung currently. if you like you can go to my page and see the older posts. there you will also find something about the 40 T cells.

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in the picture you can see my simple device to test different loads and to check the capacity.

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Thanks Hadn’t seen the Molicel and appreciate your feedback there too. And wow, you have some beautiful e-ppg builds there! Always dreamed that I had less fear of heights and time to get into that!