Antispark wiring idea


I’m not the best in electronics, so I need your help to implement the anti spark switch and a big relay to precharge the capacitors of the ESC and don’t burn the anti spark switch later with the big amps.
I draw a simple wiring diagram, could this be work?antispark


I think you would need maybe a small delay before the main relay comes on


You can buy a delay timer off Ebay for a few $


You got a ground loop between Rec and ESC, search for “loop” in the forum and you will finde some examples why you should avoid it (for lazy ones: can burn uC)

What is the benefit of the big relay? If you got an antispark, why would you also use a mechanical relay?


In the past, I was build multirotor. There was highly recommend to use the ground loop, but there wasn’t that much amps. Thank you for the hint, I delete it.
The anti spark switch I have, in my opinion can’t stand this big amps for a long time, and I want to solve the esc capacitors precharge too. That’s the reason of the big relay and the small as switch.


Here is the corrected plan: