Another new build from Sweden

I am starting my build/builds and planning to be ready with my first board in April.
If Everything goes as planned, I will probably do a second board in May with better finishing and probably some improvements after I learned by my mistakes the first build:-).

The plan is to build a board with polyurethane core and use e-glass and epoxy.
1.5m (5 feet) and 60 cm width and 13cm high.
The board will be White with black pad on it.
I guess the board will be around 100 liter.

Planning to use gong M pro foil. Have a XL surf foil also for my normal foilsurf board that I can use if I want to go very slow sometimes.

I am waiting on a Motorsystem with mast and plate from flying rodeo with Ninja and folding propeller that I have ordered.

Battery will be a 12S 42Ah that I am planning to buy from Rickard Riwi

ESC will probably be a VESC 6 mk3 from Trampa for the first build with added water cooling.



Got a nice package today with some fun stuff from FR :grinning: thx David :+1:
Need to start working now on the board so I can have something to run on in two months when it starting to be warmer….will be fun to compare the different propellers also.


Is that the Ninja prop? Do you know what pitch it is?

Yes, it is the Ninja prop.
Progresive inovative 7 inch is the information I got from David. Not sure what it means, but I am sure it is good and it will be fun to test :upside_down_face:
The standard is 6 and the folding 7.

I have the 6 and 7 inch pitch standard prop. I thought the ninja prop might of been higher pitch.
Good luck with your build.

Some Friday work on the board… Quite much left but it is going slowly forward…