Alienpowersystem getting products struggle

Has anyone else had problems getting products from alien power system? I ordered an 80100 and a 200a sesc in the beginning of January, and was quoted 4-5weeks.

I checked in in February to see if they had any updates. They said motors were completed, but shipping delays from coronavirus (understandable).

Early March: Motors are BEING completed and will get the batch next week.

April: Motors are being completed and expect deliver by next week.

It seems like things are going backwards from being completed, not being complete.

I could have never guessed ordering something in January and having to wait 5 months when quoted 5 weeks. I feel like I’m getting jerked around. I wanted to be flying this summer, not in the fall when the snow is flying.

I ordered 2 pieces of 80100 motors at 31-12-19 and did not receive a motor nor any answer to my three questions, when the motors are to be expected. Two other questions regarding the motors were answered swiftly and friendly.

It is clear to me, that there are a lot of problems receiving good from china. But I would like to be informed, and consider it not customer friendly at all that alienpower in my case stays completely silent.

Per the email I received today, but no word on my vsesc.

“HI, All the motors are ready and been sent. We did received all the 50mm and 63mm motors. Wait the 80mm and 120mm. As you can guess t the moment everything is delaying from factory to depot. Delivery agents are full as air freight is working at low amount and only cargo airplane deliver goods at the moment”

Took me over 6 months to get two motors from them. They had to epoxy them which added to the time, but it still took forever.

I probably could have made an order for a custom kv off of Alibaba by now.

Today I got an email saying the motors were dispatched to me and should arrive in a few days. We will see.

Did you order an 80100? What country are you in?

Yes, 80100, Germany.

I still haven’t got word on mine, or on my fsesc. I really was looking forward to flying this summer, if I get screwed I’m going to be incredibly upset. If I need to wait through another winter I will probably lose interest and give up.

My motors are 50 KV outrunner, may be your motors are different and didn’t arrive until now. My order is from 2019. Calm down, despite understandable it will not help if you are upset.
I’ll have to wait two more days until I can confirm motors arrived and are apparently ok.
Hope, you will get your order soon also.

Mine is an 80Kv motor

It took forever to get my 80100 80kv from APS. I think Bruno runs the business with low inventory to avoid sitting on electric motors. I do agree he should observe his sales trends and stock popular motors on hand. As a result every order is really saying hey Bruno please place an order with the Chinese manufacturers on my behalf. The entire process happens on the Chinese end then one his and then yours. You will get your motor and it will take a long time.

Flipsky 130kv 80100 - Amazon Prime - $200

I understand that it would take some time, but why grossly deceive customers and quote a 4-5 week lead time?

That was probably quoted before the Covid drama…

Corona was still in its infancy in January, yes, but it sounds like this is normal considering other people have seemed to wait 6 months to get their product.

To be fair, APS (Bruno) is pretty decent when you chat to him. Its when it comes to dealing with the Chinese factories that it becomes problematic. I had a faulty swordfish X 300A. Bruno was always great and honest about the status of what was going on, but Hifei tried their hardest not to replace the ESC and eventually dragged the whole process out for over a year with an email chain of over 100 emails and 20 video’s proving there was a fault with it. Eventually Bruno just sent me multiple units on a trust basis to prove the issue to the factory. I then sent all back and he sent me a brand new one…

My 70100 from Alien was not good! he hat lost the magnets and the wires burnt.
He is smaler as the Outrunner 6384 and not good power.
greetings Frank

My 80100 motors arrived yesterday. I have to check them, but have some difficulties with setting up my VESC 6.

I finally received my motor and ESC on Friday, Hopefully everything works out. I did receive the updated version of the 200a vesc, so hopefully it is robust enough and reliable; I hope i’m not a Guinea pig for this new model. problem is, I will not be able to test for at least another few weeks, as I could not build many parts without having the motor and esc in hand. I was hoping to be done with my project in the next week or so, but it is unlikely. Hopefully I will have no issues.