What are your experiences your inrunner?


Hello everyone,
I am in my planing phase and read a lot in this forum, but never really got informations about people discussing about different inrunner.

As far as i know, most people use a sss56104 Inrunner. Other people either use a leopard motor or a TPpower motor.
Now considering the price, the sss motor is a lot cheaper than the other motors.
Since all of them don’t have any graphics of their performace or a table, which contains more than max rpm and power… I thought I could ask here for your experiences with those motors. I just don’t know if it is worth to spend 120$ more for a tp5690 motor if the sss56104 works perfectly fine.

If you use a different Inrunner you can for sure share your experiences. I am sure this can help many other builders.


I would to for the sss we have used the sss and tpp. They are very similar in performance.